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OMISMEDIA is a company that provides performance-based marketing solutions and services


Obvious reasons to choose OMISMEDIA:

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We cooperate with our partners to help them reach the highest income by seeking to optimize their whole commerce outputs and by leveraging our interconnected system of efficiency-oriented marketing routes.
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Being developed by experienced marketers, our service offers the topmost conversion packages and templates and we operate the most proficient promotion connections for digital items.
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Our highly responsible account managers has astounding education and background in digital commerce and know how to handle the customer request in the fastest and most effective way.
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Our ecommerce solutions include full hosting, real-time optimization, possibility to work with more than 30 currencies, vast localization options, and capacity for A/B testing.

Our Core Values

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    PassionEngage and excel at what you do
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    Customer DrivenCultivate customer success
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    IntegrityDo the right thing
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    IngenuityApply ideas to make it better
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    TeamworkFoster team spirit

OMISMEDIA is the best company for your business.

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OMISMEDIA is a company that provides performance-based marketing solutions and services to ecommerce businesses and those working in the related industries. We help the businesses to expand, to process payment transactions, communicate with customers around the planet, and optimize commercial performance.

OMISMEDIA runs a global marketing network and ecommerce platform specifically designed for the abovementioned purposes. The platform allows you to market your products with a customizable cart and robust transaction processing engine. The OMISMEDIA system has a quick and stress-free set-up process, flexible billing, high converting cart with optimized checkout, and other valuable options.

The platform is specifically built for global merchandise, helping you gain a global geographic reach and sell beyond borders. The platform incorporates local languages and currencies options. OMISMEDIA platform is designed exclusively for similar needs.

With OMISMEDIA you can be sure you’re getting the very most from each transaction. We also help you upsell, cross-sell and increase your average order value. Our expert account management crew is here with you every step of the road. We care a lot about our customers.

It is very easy to get started. We have a background of millions of transactions, so we understand how to help companies grow online. OMISMEDIA will be your guide to commercial growth and personal well-being.

No matter how big your business is, your goals definitely stay the same: to spend as little investments as it is possible and at the same time to obtain the greatest benefits and the largest number of potential clients. Website advertising and marketing are the best options to get the greatest results. Nowadays it is much more accessible to launch a website advertising than to stick to traditional one. It let your business reach target public not only easy and quick but also efficiently and at an affordable price. So if you think of diversification of your revenue streams with the help of online advertising, it is time to develop a website marketing strategy.

There are many variants for website advertising and marketing. Among them there are:

  1. Remarketing: the best variant to consider if lots of visitors do not complete conversions;
  2. Email marketing;
  3. Pop-Ups: it is a kind of annoying for Internet’s users type of ads. They still can increase your database or let you to gain prospects;
  4. Banners: your advertisements will be placed on a web page in a form of a banner. Various designs, sizes and formats are available;
  5. Paid social networks: it is one of the most popular ways of adult pastime. That is why it is easy to drive traffic to your site. Furthermore, it allows get a profound segmentation of the target public;
  6. Search Engines Marketing: is used to improve your website positioning and to get conversion and web traffic;
  7. Cost per acquisition (CPA): only generated lead are paid for;
  8. Revshare: You get a share of your clients’ profit;
  9. Pay-per-click: only clicks made on the advertisement are to be paid for. So many potential clients will see your ads, but until they click on them you pay nothing as well as if nobody sees.

Advantages of website advertising:

  1. Better visibility and coverage: thousands of people will be able to find out about your company and it will cost you just a few dollars;
  2. Improved segmenting of your ads;
  3. Boost in your website’s traffic;
  4. Increase of online sales;
  5. Real-time reporting of functioning and performance;
  6. Low, flexible, effective simple and measurable cost manner;
  7. Saving your precious time;
  8. Rapid results etc.

Beside website marketing can let you accomplish many other goals such as obtaining positive ROI or retaining clients you already have or improving the brand image or and other goals you set!

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