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OMISMEDIA – Performance Based Marketing

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting from OMISMEDIA

When you utilize OMISMEDIA system for processing your payments, our ongoing stat reports deliver information on a wide variety of major efficiency signals like distribution by geography, publisher statistics, and so on.

When you engage in advertising campaigns, you want to know how well you’re doing and if you are about to receive projected revenues. Indeed, this is the core of performance marketing. Numbers and charts are important things for any advertiser.

Seeing statistics in real time allows one to adjust campaign preferences, to tweak targeting, modify offers or change other parameters. Current numbers are also crucial for performance analysis and the adjustment for projections, as well as for planning future actions.

OMISMEDIA platform includes intuitive, interactive and use-friendly report system with a variety of tools and adjustable options that shows the stats as pretty tables, charts and diagrams. This allows you to be aware how well your sales are going, and to be assured of your future revenues. OMISMEDIA cares about you.

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