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5 useful hints that will make your blogpost a jaw-dropper

Writing a blogpost reminds flying an aircraft. You can read thousand of instructions and guidelines for months or even years, but you are unlikely to be prepared to a real situation like wind or the bird in the engine. The same staff is with writing, reading of pieces of advice how to write will hardly prepare you for the real thing.
You have finally realized you need to start blogging to evaluate your business but probably don’t know what to start with. This article is exactly for you!

We will reveal 5 key secrets your blog will be readable and popular. Let’s go!

1 Nothing can be done without planning! Think of the topic you want to write about, work out a plan, conduct some investigations for every statement to have evidence.
No matter how perfect your typing skills are, a good blogpost is unlikely to be written in 1-2 hours. It is ok to spend for it 6-8 hours or even days before pressing “Submit”. This time should be wisely spend not only for writing, but also for thinking.
Many bloggers just seem to be expert in any area, and yes, they try to be and thanks largely to their natural curiosity famous bloggers do the job. But before a line would be published, dozens of sources would be scanned. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is almost always not enough.

Headline is of greatest importance. It should be informative and drawing attention.

There is no agreement of opinions whether the title can be vague, but we insist on it being specific. You can write the title just before writing the text of your post and then correct it to that or this direction. Another approach is in writing the text first and then to see which headline will be the most suitable.
Nowadays, “how-to” headlines become popular. It is great that nauseous “You will never believe…” are rare and rare to appear. If you’d like to put a question in your headline – make sure the answer as well as the topic itself will be interesting to the audience.
3 Make your post in draft. You can do it at once, or writing a paragraph by paragraph with intervals. Both variants are fine, however we would recommend to write as much as you can in one session. This will prevent you from losing your thoughts and will be keep concentrated on the subject.
4 Insert pictures to your text. They will help to understand some notions better and make your post more lively.
A pure text makes people bored and willing to run away to Facebook or Twitter. Long texts without any graphic “interruption” require deep concentration, while people may not have time or desire for it. The test with images seems to be more understandable and adds visual key points.
5 Don’t be shy to make amendments in your post. You can give it to your friends, relatives or colleagues to read and comment, you can read it aloud at least for yourself to find and correct “uncomfortable” passages. It is ok to make changes at the eleventh hour.
Don’t get me wrong, but editing has nothing in common with grammar or spelling correction. Such teacher’s task is a drop in the bucket. You should think of each sentence, will it suit to the whole text. Put up with the fact that the sentences that were written with pain and tension should be deleted without remorse.
After reading, check your work on filler words and think how you can replace them.
Think of the paragraphs and sentences, the shorter and laconical they are, the better your text will be understood.
Finally, allow your blogpost not to be ace of aces.
Even the best post could be improved, it is especially noticeable after time passing by.
There we have it.
Writing blogposts seems to be easy and exciting until you actually start doing it. But it will get easier after a certain period of practice and time.

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