12 Most Useful Alternative To Cable TV
12 Most Useful Alternative To Cable TV
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12 Most Useful Alternative To Cable TV

When you really want to save your money on services, then choosing the cable would never be the right option for you. However, we have seen so many people hate that monthly bill, whereas, they enjoy watching tv but still, the cost may actually seem to be ultimately compared to the actual value.

This common hatred for the price of television services drove a new market of alternative options to cable and satellite tv. Though, over with the time, people actually have chosen these alternatives, so that they can officially ditching cable and as well as the satellite television (cord cutters!) even though, with no point to miss out on their favorite shows.

But of course, as we know that these days there are tons of new alternatives for cable tv available in the market, that may further create a confusion statement for many of us. That’s why, we are here with our top rated alternatives for you.

Luckily, you can have a total of 12 alternatives to cable tv which you can choose from. So, here are those 12 best alternatives to cable for 2019 you need to look at them now.

Best Alternatives To Cable For 2019:

1. Hulu:

Hulu is actually the most affordable alternatives you can get to your cable or satellite tv and it will give you the overall best streaming services available. They offer you with an original content and you can also view your favorite tv shows from local channels. 


  • Service Name: Hulu

  • Channels: on-demand basic service content; 60+ Live

  • Price: $6 – $45

  • Free trial: 30-day for basic; 7-day for Live.

2. Sling TV:

Sling TV is actually more like a cable or satellite television, it will give you a great reason to say bye-bye to your cable or satellite option. However, it will also provide you with its basic package, which is also available for about $25. Also, there are some other line-ups as well by which you will get the ability to customize their service.


  • Service Name: Sling TV

  • Channels: 30

  • Price: $25

  • Free trial: None, but 40% off first month.

3. Philo:

Philo is a new way to give you a video streaming scene, it will also provide you with access to all your cable channels at a minimize of your cost, and that’s why it has become one of the best and the useful alternatives to cable around. Philo is also available for giving you the streaming on all your devices.


  • Service Name: Philo

  • Channels: 58

  • Price: $20

  • Free trial: 7-day.

4. Amazon Prime Video:

If you are able to further pay for Amazon Prime, then you may already get the access to use one of the best alternatives to your cable available. However, the Amazon Prime Video, allow you to just pay for the service, no more extra charges at all. 


  • Service Name: Amazon Prime Video

  • Channels: On-Demand Content

  • Price: $9

  • Free trial: 30-day.

5. FuboTv:

fuboTV is actually the finest and the useful alternative for you, it will also give you the cord-cutting option that also offer the overall access to your over 176 channels, which you can see in their “Ultra” plan service. Also, this may also include all the major sports, as well as entertainment and of course, such local channels you always wanted to watch.


  • Service Name: fuboTV

  • Channels: 107 – 176

  • Price: $55 – $75

  • Free trial: 7-day.

6. Local Networks With Antenna:

HDTV antennas are fairly good in performance and as well as offer you with an affordable price rate. However, the antenna system is actually much less interfering. Plus, with the help of the digital television signals, you will get the absolute picture quality.


  • Service Name: Antenna

  • Channels: Varies

  • Price: $0 (after hardware purchase)

  • Free trial: N/A.

7. Vudu:

There are so many interesting features built inside this alternative by which you will get a unique service from it. However, it will give you a ton of absolutely free content that could be supported enough while showing you even the shortest ads as well.


  • Service Name: Vudu

  • Channels: On-Demand Content

  • Price: Varies

  • Free trial: None.

8. The Local Library:

This will bring out so many movies and other TV shows to you. You will surely love their services and all which also gives you a comfortable and yet very inexpensive charges for sure. 


  • Service Name: Local Library

  • Channels: On-Demand Content

  • Price: $0

  • Free trial: N/A.

9. AT&T Tv Now:

The service may almost provide you with the all genuine features and built-in functions by which you can get the experience of between $65 and $135 rates, that could be also depending on your package. Also, there would be a no-contract alternative to the satellite television in that price range.


  • Service Name: AT&T TV Now

  • Channels: 45 – 125

  • Price: $65 – $135

  • Free trial: 7-day.

10. Playstation VUE:

It is actually very similar to AT&T, but it is also like many of the other mention services, where it has also included with the HBO and Show time to give you the actual higher end plan. Though, while it making it worth searching for anyone who always want to have these premium channels.


  • Service Name: PlayStation VUE

  • Channels: 45 – 90

  • Price: $50 – $85

  • Free trial: None.

11. Netflix:

Netflix may look expensive to some people, but still, it will give you the overall incredibly accessible. You can even get the access of any internet-connected device which can easily be used to watch Netflix. It would be a way too convenient option for many of us.


  • Service Name: Netflix

  • Channels: On-Demand Content

  • Price: $9 – $16

  • Free trial: 30-day.

12. YouTube:

This is actually a kind of home of everything for everyone. You can watch viral videos, even though, some how-to guides videos as well, and there would be so many unique contents available on the platform.


  • Service Name: YouTube Premium or YouTube TV

  • Channels: On-Demand Content Premium; 70+ TV

  • Price: $12 Premium; $50 TV

  • Free trial: 30-day for Premium; 7-day for TV.

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