Why Transparency in Programmatic Advertising is Important?

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What is programmatic advertising

It’s no secret that digital advertising is a complicated chain of many invisible processes. It includes several intermediary players, combined with a lack of transparency in certain parts of the industry. This somewhat shady sector is often known as ‘tech tax’. However, to address this, an increase in transparency and understanding of the digital supply […]

Top 10 Email Marketing Platform for Ecommerce

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Email Marketing Platform For Ecommerce

For ecommerce or any other field, the marketing through email is successful only when the targeted people for those who have access and awareness about the internet and online system and how it works and where to look for certain purpose or need. Though even among the right people there must be a struggle to […]

Search Retargeting VS Site Retargeting

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Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting - Search Retargeting VS Site Retargeting

For businesses, the terms search retargeting and site retargeting is often heard. If this is your very first venture in digital marketing, you may consider these terms are interchangeable, though they are not. Search retargeting and site retargeting are two different approaches. If you want to know what are they and how do they work, […]

15 Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

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Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

Growing brand awareness is significantly influential especially for young businesses in addition to well-established companies who want to retain their image. With the massive amount of information and advertisements, brand awareness can quickly begin to fade. One big challenge for marketing executives is to how to measure brand awareness efficiency. It’s a common concern that […]

What is Personal Service Corporation – Guide

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Personal Service Corporation

It is a service which give personal benefits to individuals or to a group by saving taxes. This service include a variety of business which is specified by IRS (internal revenue service).  Omismedia is a website that give beneficial ideas about different corporations. It is a unique website which provide awareness to the people about […]

Why Companies Stay Private?

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Why Companies Stay Private?

Many of the companies that were created in past as private ones are now converted to public companies. It is due to the massive capital influx they receive as the shares are purchased by the people. Today most successful companies are receiving funds in huge amounts to cover their day to day expenses occurring in […]

Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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marketing strategy for small business

For the development of a small business marketers need some marketing strategy for the flourishment of a business. By implementing all marketing strategies, people easily know about the business and marketers get more and more customer but first marketers know the following: Type of demographics. Customer location. Customer check which site online most. Customer feedback. […]

9 Biggest Problem Faced by Small Business with Solution

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As  people try to start small business known as Entrepreneurship for their better well-being and fulfill the demands of life. But small business at start face many problems like Omismedia which face problem at start as lack of customers, no awareness in people and lack of marketing strategies but time to time it struggle to […]

Rich Media Ads – The Best Amplifier For Your Business

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Rich Media Text Ads

Every marketer understands the fact that attracting audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign. However easy as it may sound, it’s not always easy to do. In an era when scope of marketing is changing dynamically, both in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies must create ways to attract customer to engage and get […]

Guide To Cross Selling

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What is Cross Selling

Cross-Selling It is a way of selling another related or complimentary product to customer when he is already buying one product. Though if there exist a tie between the two products where the customers, in order to buy a product, must buy the related product the cross-selling will be illegal. What is the difference between […]