Best Facebook Ads SPY Tools
Best Facebook Ads SPY Tools
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Best Facebook Ads SPY Tools

You may be worried about how your competitors are doing well with Facebook marketing? How are they generating tons of leads from Facebook?

Let’s find out how to spy your competitor’s Facebook Ads Campaign.

What are Facebook ADS SPY tools?

Facebook Ads Spy tools help you to check your competitor campaigns. You can easily find their “Targetted audience, GEO location, Campaign Type, Bidding Strategy, Text and Banners.

You have control over everything. Spying doesn’t mean you can just copy and paste your competitor’s campaign.

It may work for some time but it’ll definitely not for the long run.

Having a question in mind??? Why you can’t?

You can never ever copy word to word and make it yours. You have to figure and create your own delivering message.

Advantages of Facebooks Ads Spying Tools

Facebook Ads Spy will give you the whole frame of mind of advertising, and give you a clear view to understanding how the market is working, who’s your audience and the best way to target your target audience.

How much should I tell you? There are a lot more benefits of using the tools.

From Geo Location to users, the working ideas, the intent of users, and many more which can help you to create a better stand-alone position.

Totally reverse engineering your competitor’s advertising campaign process.

You will be having an eagle eye on your competitors, what they are posting how it’s effecting and much more.

Top Best Facebook Ads Spy Networks

Let’s go deeper and find actual beauty.

If you know any else except these free and paid Facebook spying platforms, Do mention in the comment section.

1. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy traditional social ads spy tool
PowerAdSpy traditional social ads spy tool

PowerAdSpy is the best Facebook and Instagram ads spying tool. PowerAdSpy help’s you to look and find competitors’ campaigns with every single aspect. Total Number of engagement, banners, targetted audience and last seen.

Most advanced search filter, helps its users to find by domain, keyword and sort it by the newest, longest-running advertisement, social engagements stats , targeted location, and landing pages.


PowerAdSpy is giving 25% off to all OMISMEDIA readers. Use the promo code DP3TGJL0.

2. AdSector

Just in Few Click

Affiliate marketing is dynamic and growing rapidly. AdSector help’s you to jump into millions of ad campaigns with a single tap.

It’s a great tool to fall in love with.

It has a lot of features besides downloading the whole advertising landing pages. Filter with gender age and track the promotion. You can easily search, find and remake the whole campaign with few taps.

What we don’t like: one of the most expensive platforms on this list, but it’s hard to say whether the additional features justify the monthly cost or not.


To enjoy the 74$OFF simply click on Signup

3. AdPlexity eCommerce

AdPlexity eCommerce Facebook Spy tools
AdPlexity eCommerce Facebook Spy tools

AdPlexity is the best spying tools for eCommerce marketer, who wants to look beyond social search and analyze competitor campaigns across all major sources for eCommerce, Mobile, Desktop, Native and Push Ads.


 $199/month per user – $149/month per user for OmisMedia Readers.

4. MagicAdz

MagicAdz Facebook Ads Spy Tools Collection
MagicAdz Facebook Ads Spy Tools Collection

MagicAdz it’s a new innovation and collection to Facebook Spying tools collection. With new features of MagicAdz, you can find uncloaked affiliate ads, cloaked affiliate ads and suspected cloaked ads with just one tap.

Uncover the affiliate ads use which are used in their cloaking campaigns. Find and make the best working strategy. You can also sort the filter by comment to find the best engaging ad campaign.


Start with Free 1-day trial, then $299/month – $254.15 for Omis Media readers only if you use the promo code spy15.

5. SocialAdScout

Want to spy on social ads?

SocialAdScout a perfect option for marketers who want to find as much detail as possible on the segmentation and targeting choice of their competitors.

A detailed breakdown of audience targeting and also the demographics, which is an essential aspect of running a successful Facebook Advertising campaign.


WELCOME TO ADSPY : Facebook Marketing Tool
WELCOME TO ADSPY: Facebook Advertising Tool

AdSpy the most powerful tool for Dropshipping and Affiliate advertisement on social media. It boasts 80M+ ads in so many different languages across 198 countries from over 12.5 M+ advertisers, with a strong database.

It comes with an excellent search filter to get the precise data of your competitors.

Discover Facebook and Instagram ads download and make a stong targetted campaign to get a better ROI.

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