10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools A Complete Guide To Give You The Most Amazing Analytics Tools
10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools A Complete Guide To Give You The Most Amazing Analytics Tools
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10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools: A Complete Guide To Give You The Most Amazing Analytics Tools

As we all know that Instagram has become one of the finest spots in the social media platform which has nearly over 1 billion active Instagram accounts as a monthly record. So, this platform is the giant key now to make a success in any business or promote a brand name effectively. 

Without any doubt, we can say that Instagram can easily allow you to look for a product or service to start your business with. But of course, if you really want to get successful on Instagram, then the possible chances are to further track your overall social analytics.

And that’s why we are with this article, we actually spent a lot of time while looking for an in-depth range of different impressive free and plus premium best Instagram analytics tools.

Best Instagram analytics tools:

Here we actually tried our best to show you a mixture kind of tools that would be included some free or even some premium tools as well, so have a look at them below:


This is actually a very own tool for Instagram, which is easily available for everyone out there after they upgrade their Instagram account to the Instagram business one. This Instagram analytics tool is all free and gives you very quick access to manage everything.

Once you switch your Instagram account to the Business one, you will be able to see the overall access of your account. Here you can easily view your account insights to include: 

  • Posts,
  • Profile, 
  • Stories, 
  • Promoted posts.


Sendible is one of the best and in-depth easy to access social media management tools, this tool will simply allow you and your team to conveniently manage various clients within the only one central dashboard. 

You can use this tool for the purpose of such things including:

  • You can organize your content overall social media platforms, 
  • You can find an easy way during the publishing processes, 
  • You can even monitor results.


Iconosquare, another possible Instagram analytics tool for you that can be used as a Facebook marketing tool as well. There are so many uses of this tool that make you able to handle your Instagram account so easily.

Here you can do many things such as:

  • You can use this tool to making a schedule of your posts, 
  • You can even manage your overall online presence, 
  • You can easily and more effectively track your social metrics.


This would be a complete one option social media solution for you. With the help of using SquareLovin, you will be able to easily boasting an effective Instagram analytics tool.

Whereas, the tool may offer you with amazing features to include:

  • You can possibly be able to further get insights within your recent posts, 
  • You can watch out your Instagram growth, 
  • You can track all your communities’ preferences and as well as interest and etc.


Herewith the help of this simple analytics tool, you will get all the possibilities to further generate actionable insights straight from social data. However, with the provided information by Simply Measured, users will be able to perform their jobs more with better and faster.

These features are included with it:

  • It can help to view all over the insight data of your Instagram account,
  • It can easily compare your daily engagement of all social media platforms,
  • It can even track impressions, and much more.


Hootsuite is another famous ad more impressive social media analytics tool that provides users for a wide range of social media requirements.

It has come mind-blowing features to include:

  • Post scheduling, 
  • Content filtering, 
  • Analytic tracking, 
  • Ad management, and much more.


It is basically a free analytics tool for Instagram business profiles. The Socialbakers may easily help you out while giving you all the solutions and possibilities to keep insight into your daily engagements.

It can provide you with some features to include:

  • You can easily view statistics on all over your Instagram posts, 
  • You can find out which of your images are most popular, 
  • You can even learn what things can increase engagement, and much more.


Sprout Social is also a kind of powerful social media solution for all the Instagram business profile holders who actually want to promote their business or brand and as well as wanted to manage their all social media platforms professionally.

In its features, you will get:

  • It may be helping you to analyze your data perfectly, 
  • You will be able to make better Instagram related decisions, 
  • It can allow you to monitor your team, 
  • It can monitor hashtags, and much more.


Keyhole is a perfect and easy to use social media analytics company that offers you all the features by which you can easily measure metrics across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube.

In the features, you will get these benefits to include:

  • It can be displayed in a simple to read layouts and graphs, 
  • Track keywords, 
  • Find such influencers that can promote your brand, 
  • Uncover rival strategies, and much more.


Pixlee provides you with so many unique and interesting facts along with a free feature as well so that you can easily check your Instagram insights with this analytics tool.

However, the features it will provide you with include:

  • It can further enable you to easily monitor your business or brand, 
  • You can even identify any top content, 
  • You can also be able to discover emerging influencers within your niche, and much more.

Final verdict:

So, these are the top 10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools: A Complete Guide To Give You The Most Amazing Analytics Tools for you which gives you such interesting and beneficial tools to get a proper insight of your Instagram and as well as of your other social media accounts.

Now try one of these ahead and share your reviews with us in our comment section below, and don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends as well…

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