Best Legit Survey Website
Best Legit Survey Website
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Best Legit Survey Website – To Earn Healthy

There’s a certain attraction to online surveys. Wake up and click – cash out. Isn’t it amazing? You may not get very rich since it’s a time-consuming process. You may want to enjoy Netflix in the background. Still, there’s an exciting feel about making money from the comfort of your home and without so much effort.

Top 12 Best Survey Website To Earn Money

We have conducted in-depth research to hand-pick the most legitimate survey sites to help avoid any scams. Choosing the best survey website can make a significant difference. Paid online surveys have specific requirements and avoid your precious time to get wasted. Looking for one? Here you go!

1 InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. It’s a popular website that pays in money instead of points which makes it stand out among many sites. You will get a $5 bonus for simply signing up. Numerous offers are covering most things you can think of so you can better be paid from the day one and of course with very little effort. It’s an all-in-one reward club for efficient consumers who are looking forward to an opportunity to make easy cash.

2 Vindale Research

This website is one of the oldest and most legitimate choices for making money by just filling out the surveys. Based in New York, you will find both traditional surveys and evaluations by testing online services and products. On sign up, you will be instantly paid between $1 to $5 while product testing starts at $5 and keep on rising. The website boasts significantly higher rates but involves somewhat inflated pricing. For instance, there is a certain discount fee that you might need to pay prior to receiving your final payout. 

There are other ways as well to boost your income such as rewards for opening adverts or small payouts for watching advertising videos. Besides, the website pays in simple cash and doesn’t mess around with gift cards and rewards. At times, the survey invitation directly connects you to other survey companies instead of always keeping things in-house. It can be extremely frustrating when you need to fill out lengthy qualifying questions taking up half an hour just to see whether you are eligible for a survey. 

One interesting feature is the choice to shop through Vindale since they may provide you with some offers primarily through affiliate links. Before purchasing anything new, it’s worth it to sign into the user-friendly website and check if you can get it for less. Moreover, there’s another popular everyday consumer survey paying $1.50 for a quick and reliable boost.

3 MySurvey

MySurvey is another prevalent site known for its versatility. You will see an interesting diversity not only in the referral program and reward system but in the surveys as well. Filling out boring surveys is more like hard work. Though on this site, you will find surveys on a variety of topics. You will earn 10 to 500 points per survey primarily depending on its length. This nicely designed website comes with numerous surveys so you will have a great choice to fill plenty of them and earn money as much as possible. 

Also, you would like to fill surveys that match your profile and interests. To further motivate you to stay active, monthly sweepstakes also take place which chooses 10 people and awards them with 1,000 points for frequently filling out surveys. You can also install their mobile application available both for Apple and Android. It’s a perfect way because surveys are more about passing time in queues or when commuting while at the same time making money simultaneously. You don’t have to dedicate a particular time to them. The other prominent feature is the reward system.

The number of possibilities you will find here is simply outstanding. Moreover, you can also donate to charities such as UNICEF through PayPal and Amazon gift cards. In addition, you will find iTunes gift cards, Tango gift cards, Starbucks cards and much more. Isn’t it exciting?

4 Toluna

Toluna is a renowned free survey website boasting more than 9 million users across the world. The company has been progressively operating for about 17 years. The questionnaires ask about your opinions regarding topmost companies. Further, it comes with several internal games and schemes in addition to product testing to some lucky users. Similar to many other survey websites, Toluna rewards you with points. 

As soon as you can gather a total of 60,000 points, you can claim vouchers. Also, you can try your luck with an exciting “giftie” – a scratch card game. For product testing, you can get sent items in case you qualify. It’s more of a bonus instead of an everyday part of your work. Though you need to wait for vouchers to arrive once you order them. The approximate duration for surveys is 15-30 minutes in addition to the mini polls on the site which can help you get some extra points. 

Remember points also take some days and weeks to appear in your Toluna account. As you fill out the user profile, it makes sure you will get invites to surveys suitable for you. You will find some basic qualification questions right at the beginning of every questionnaire. Also, you can create polls on the site which works as an effective platform to ask people about anything. It’s a great addition that helps you get involved with the community and be a part of various discussions.

5 Onepoll

Known for its short surveys, Onepoll is a popular site for dipping in and out without dedicating a major time. Founded in the UK, it’s one of the earliest survey sites open to users around the globe. The content is very engaging and you will enjoy answering about the latest gossips and celebrities. Many users appreciate their surveys for being short and fun. Onepoll will not leave you frustrated or bored. 

These simple surveys can be added on an everyday basis so the site has a lot to offer you. Unlike other online survey sites, Onepoll doesn’t email you surveys or send invites and therefore you need to check your account on the website daily, otherwise, you will miss out. Rewards are paid out in PayPal and cash and you will need to earn $50 before you withdraw anything. You can also refer a friend or sign up and earn a bonus to hit the target. It’s a worth it shot!

6 Crowdology

Crowdology rewards you with payout cash instead of points as well as allow immediate recompenses. It’s a widely used website with great repute. The company works with many brands and television shows to keep interesting content for you. You will be frequently answering questions regarding various issues and everyday topics such as online shopping or saving money and your viewpoints on diverse products. 

Surveys can be quick and consumes around 15 minutes. Typically, 5-minute surveys pay about $0.50 that increases with the length of the surveys. Some can even pay you around $10. More importantly, the minimum amount of money required for withdrawal is $8. Also, the website prize draws other items such as cinema tickets and expects surveys every week.

7 Opinion Outpost

Primarily conducting polls for public bodies, business world, and governments, Opinion Outpost is another famous survey site which requires you to accumulate a certain amount before you can claim your money. You need to fill at least five surveys and earn a few dollars to redeem your money as quick as possible. The free website screens you when you sign up and ask several questions to send you surveys as per your profile. 

You can also sign up by directly connecting to Facebook or LinkedIn. Fill out surveys for money and it will instantly give you Opinion Points – 10 points are equal to $1. Most surveys will take about 10 to 30 minutes and are worth from $1 to $5. Typically, a survey duration is approximately 15 minutes. Furthermore, users can also participate in quarterly prize draws for several hundreds of dollars. 

With among the lowest cash limitations in the online survey industry, you can receive $10 as you have accrued 100 points. If you are looking forward to earnings in the form of a gift card, the threshold is even less since you will need only 50 points to earn $5. Opinion Outpost lets you take your earnings in vouchers for big companies such as iTunes and Amazon. If you prefer money, you can get it through PayPal.

8 Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the most in-demand paid online survey sites you will ever find. Each survey pays $3 and commonly takes up to 15 minutes to complete. Besides, you will get a great opportunity to test products which can be a lot of fun. 

The trick is that the website is typically an invite-only platform so getting in might be somewhat challenging. Subsequently, you will get a few surveys in a month. Overall, the surveys come with a reasonable length and the compensation is high, it’s worth joining once you get a chance.

9 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most reliable and largest survey sites and has paid more than $600,000,000 rewards to members around the globe. You will be rewarded for taking offers, playing games, making online purchases, searching the website and watching videos. The rewards are usually in the form of money, prize draws, and vouchers. 

Besides, the amount you will receive per survey is somewhere between 30 – 150 SB points (100 SB = $1 or £0.77). Overall, we found that taking polls and surveys regularly offers the highest payout for your time. What’s more? The minimum reward threshold is 1 SB. You will find diverse ways to earn rewards and don’t forget the exclusive signup bonus!

10 LifePoints

Two renowned survey websites including GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey have merged to form another popular LifePoints. On this platform, you will receive a lot of surveys that tend to match your interests and profile. The average survey approximately takes about 15 minutes to complete and gain 100 points. That way, you can easily earn £3-£5/hour. The minimum reward threshold is 550 points and the amount you will receive per survey is £1. Lastly, the rewards are coming as Amazon and high-street vouchers as well as PayPal payments.

11 New Vista Live

New Vista Live is a leading marketing research company conducting online surveys instead of traditional cold-calling and other ways. You will be rewarded cash for completing surveys where 100 points are equivalent to £1. The surveys commonly take about 15 minutes or £4/hour and therefore its somewhat easier to reach the £50 threshold. Make sure you answer all questions honestly and of course with speed. Rewards are money and prize draws while the sign up offers you £5 simply for joining.

12 PopulusLive

PopulusLive is a UK based survey site providing statistics regarding current affairs programs. It offers a decent payout, though it might be time-consuming to reach the threshold. It’s important to fill in your profile and get a maximum number of surveys. Also, be careful while answering various questions since they have certain quality checks and ensure that you are neither cheating nor rushing through. The amount per survey is £2 while the minimum reward threshold is 50 points or £50.


Altogether we have it here – top 12 paid survey sites. Every site comes with a unique proposition and has something to offer. Make instant money by completing surveys now has been easier than ever before. By concentrating on our top picks, you are sure the site is legit and reliable. These platforms are absolutely worth your valuable time. If you have read this, do give us your feedback if you have used any of these survey sites or looking forward to it. Enjoy surveying!

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