Best Video Sharing Websites with Million Users
Best Video Sharing Websites with Million Users
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6 Best Video Sharing Platform to Upload Content

Well, of course! there would be no lie to say that still, YouTube is considered to be the #1 video sharing site available on the Web, whereas, it is more popular as compared to the TV. Although, in any circumstances, when people want to share a video or want to get viral within a minute or so, they always choose YouTube, possibly the first site that comes to their mind.

However, as we know the YouTube policy has now become very strict, particularly such copyright issues. For example, it becomes prohibits if anyone of you trying to upload duplicate, explicit, or as well as third-party content with no consent of the owner of the video.

So, in that case, if YouTube won’t allow you or maybe not accepting your video file, then you may need to further upload it over your own site while using Flash or HTML5 compatible formats. Furthermore, you can also take help with other video sharing sites as well as, and that’s why we are here with the best video sharing platform where you can easily publish your videos.

Top Best Video Sharing Platform Available On The Web:

Here we will show you the top sites which are best for video sharing or uploading activity apart YouTube. These sites are absolutely free to use the same as YouTube, and of course, there will be no issue of copyrighting or other policies, so you will be free to upload and share anything you want. 

Let’s have a look at them below:

  • VIMEO:
Vimeo HD Video Sharing Platform
Vimeo HD Video Sharing Platform

Vimeo is one of the famous and yet the best video sharing platform available on the Web with having 130,000,000 monthly visitors. However, there are three types of accounts available were 1- free, 2- Plus ($59.95/yr), and 3- PRO ($199/yr). 

Although,, the fastest growing platform that provides you with quite serious traffic and business as well. 

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo usually holds prof-looking videos and as well as offers three main options for its users, including a basic account along with some limitations. The second and third accounts would be paid ones and give you the most advanced features and bigger space.

DAILYMOTION Video Sharing Platform
DAILYMOTION Video Sharing Platform

Dailymotion site is actually the most useful site with free of charges or subscription periods. It collects almost 100,000,000 monthly visitors and there would be no paid accounts available. 

Dailymotion is basically a French video-sharing website that is here to further allow the users to easily view, or upload, or even browse videos just by searching tags, or even categories, user-created groups or channels.

Dailymotion actually provides you with a wide variety of random video content. Like you can easily get videos from funny animal videos to even the most serious political reportages, or anything in between.

Thus, there is only one drawback in Dailymotion which is video length, you need to make sure to upload a video file with a length of around 2 GB and 60 minutes.

TWITCH Video Broadcasting
TWITCH Video Broadcasting

Twitch might be a new name to you, but the site gets around 100,000,000 visitors on a monthly basis. However, there would be two account types available to access the site: 1- free, and the 2- Turbo ($8.99/month).

If you are a gamer then this Twitch is the perfect video site for gamers like you. Here in this best video sharing platform, people actually broadcast themselves while keep playing or talking of games and others will go to watch them both live or through archived footage.

You can even though go with the broadcasting or further archive your gameplay, and you can also chat with other gamers as well. However, the free account will give you a sort of advertising on videos.


Herewith the LiveLeak, the site actually gets 45, 000,000 monthly visitors and of course, this is absolutely free, no further paid accounts. 

LiveLeak is a video sharing website
LiveLeak is a video sharing website

LiveLeak is basically a UK-based video sharing platform that allows you to further publish or share your videos. However, LiveLeak is majorly led to war, politics, and as well as other world events, whereas, users are absolutely free to post any video related content they want, just according to the website policy.

For example, in the LiveLeak, it is actually prohibited to further upload any advertising media or duplicate music or showing any videos with criminal activity, etc.

  • VEOH:

Another free account VEOH that actually gets monthly visitors of around 15,000,000. This is one of the best free websites available for you to easily share and upload videos without any issue. 

Veoh is technically an Internet television service and its purpose is to further host studio content, or such independent productions and as well as user-generated material.

You need to make a signup account first to use Veoh. Once you have done with the sign-in process, you will be able to upload any length of videos on your site or even blog.

  • BREAK: 

Break offers you with a free account type site which gets 14,000,000 monthly visitors. Break is a well-known and highly popular website which is actually known for such funny clips, videos, and even funny pictures. However, Break allows influential video formats, including AVI, MPG, WMV, and MOV.

Furthermore, you need to make sure to upload videos within the size of 60MB. Break offers its users along with the option of three ways to easily upload videos. You can also even add a photo album within JPG, PNG, or BMP formats to make an addition to your video.

Final Verdict:

The best video sharing platform which makes your sharing and uploading easier and convenient for your everyday use. We have shown you a total of 6 platforms which gives you access to upload or share freely without any complications. 

These sites are much like YouTube, however, with some possible policies, you need to make sure to learn more about your specific site for uploading or sharing videos. 

So, we hope you like the platforms above, but don’t forget to share your favorite video sharing platform with us…

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