Brilliant Marketing Tactics to Consider Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
Brilliant Marketing Tactics to Consider Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Brilliant Marketing Tactics to Consider Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Believe it or not but today our world is observing some very serious challenges. As the coronavirus pandemic is becoming a major threat to the entire world, the silver lining feels like devolving. Many businesses around the globe have suffered a great loss and many are closing down. Take a look at New York alone which has almost shut down completely. 

While grocery stores have empty shelves and restaurants are closing down, the economy is suffering a big hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are now compelled to reside in homes and are unable to perform their daily activities outside hence they have resorted to remote working online. But that certainly does not mean that opportunities are biased. 

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are still surviving. There is a complete online market and thanks to the Internet, there are more new & innovative ways of working. 

As a business owner, one must learn the art of survival as Gary Vaynerchuk says, 

“Learn the hustle and taste the game” 

It’s what most business owners of today need to learn while they are at home. Digital marketing is one such platform that is massively growing and has quite the scope in the online world. But how should others cash it especially during this hour of the pandemic, here are some strategies you must consider amid the COVID-19 season and make the most of it. 

Be Thoughtful in Establishing Customer Relationship During Lockdown

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tested positive or not during this massive outbreak, precautions are taken everywhere. Hence everybody is locked inside their homes may it be young kids or old ones. Even if you want to visit friends, you just can’t because of the coronavirus. At times as such, you can get really agitated and if you can, imagine how others are feeling. 

It’s time you get some empathy. 

Find out what ways are best to communicate and establish a thoughtful relationship with your customers. It’s time to be more sensitive and understanding rather than being pushier with your sales pitch & practices. You need to understand that people are locked indoors. They can’t visit their friends or family members and even if they want to, they won’t because there is a chance they may contract the virus and end up getting sick, in the worst case even die. 

Here’s a chance where businesses can cash the best out for themselves. 

A recent analysis done by an Online Digital Marketing Company shows that at grave times as such, businesses can make the best use of social media to connect with their target audiences. By showing them that you as a business care about them and are willing to do everything you can to support them at this devastating hour, a few cherishing words, a supporting gesture is good enough to tell them that y’all will make it through. This sudden isolation is temporary. 

Everything will come to its end. 

Establish the right connection with the audience and make the most out of your business. 

Is Your Business Identifiable on the Internet? 

If you haven’t noticed it so far now might just be the time. Since everybody is locked in, they are mostly spending their time on the Internet. In fact, Internet usage has risen up so high, that people who couldn’t find enough time to text their loved ones in cars or subway stations are now finding enough time to stay interconnected with each other on social media.

In just the past week, search traffics has soared up the median line and we are seeing some great influx and rise. There’s no doubt that this rapid increase in traffic is ever going to stop. 

People are dying for entertainment during this hour of support and those who are successful in giving them are winning them at heart. Imagine you’re running an e-commerce store, what is the most fun way to interact with them and compel them to shop online? There’s no time to be more intuitive than there is now! Hence, it’s best that as a business owner, you should cash these moments and make the most of it. But you won’t be if you aren’t identifiable on the Internet, now would you?

The best thing to do right now is to work on search engine optimization for your businesses. The more you start emerging on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), the higher will be the chance of your business to be identified. Don’t go into the shell and only poke your head out when the sun shines bright, try to make a little more effort so you can achieve greater gifts in life. Nourish your visibility now to cash in on later!  

Prepare Yourself to Step Back into the World

This Coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to stay around forever you know. 

Cheer up! 

It will fade eventually. The Wuhan district in China was successful in clearing it now, weren’t they? Life has gone back to normal in Wuhan and people are now out again having a good time. With social distancing and good cleaning practices, they were successful in managing it all! Everything has gone back to normality there, and if it can reverse there, it can reverse here as well. So as a business owner, there’s no best time to prepare yourself than now. 

Eventually, you have to step down into the market and reinitiate your work, don’t you? 

Make the most of your time. 

Start with making small investments in SEO, Social Media Campaigns and Google Ads. I know that at times as such you must be thinking of saving your budget for the worst! But what if I tell you that by pausing your digital marketing campaigns you will only hurt your businesses in the coming time? There are several competitors out there who are making the best of it, and in case, you’re not going to work in the direction, you will fall short on success. 

Don’t sit and sulk. Hire a specialist or learn the art of digital marketing yourself!

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