Content Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Guys, we have good news for you! Content marketing is nowadays more actual than a year ago. It means that we have a lot of work to do here: make strategy, offer quality content and, in general, spend more time on such stuff.But, the problem is that you can’t constantly use the same techniques. What is working now, may become insufficient tomorrow and be even harmful in a week. Staying up to date will help you to avoid the most common mistakes and failures.

The sooner you will catch the tendency, the better your results will be and farther from competitors you are. Here the list of the most important trends you certainly should be aware of:

Productive dialogue with users

  • All the content you issue is designed for a one end-user – consumer. The information you offer should be relevant to the needs and demands of your target audience. The things we can take here:
  • Communicative marketing, that means brand should talk to the audience in real-time mode.
  • Personalized content that implies tuning not only according to specific audience segments but to personal preferences.
  • Orientation to users’ content.
  • Engagement improving content: make your audience not only read the article, but discuss it.

Show your content to the public

Interesting long read is half of the deal, people should find out about its existence. You can give links to it in social media, your letters, respond on forums and share your link there, etc.

Become expert in your field

Obviously, it may be difficult to cover the topic in one article – launch a series of posts devoted to the subject matter. Take the most challenging and interesting topic for your audience, divide it into several parts and tell about a problem step by step. You will gain more information, the materials will be published in a logical flow and you will have no problems with the topics for telling.

Video marketing

Videos will remain popular as they are treated as an exact conversation and, thus, people are more loyal to such materials. Live broadcasting and streaming are the most promising trends here.

Intelligent SEO is the power

Simple ranging is boxed in my past years as the algorithms become complicated and sophisticated. Completeness, authenticity becomes first priorities for the information you share with your audience, while formal indicators fade into insignificance.

Social media and messengers

Facebook and all similar places have turned out to be overloaded with the content. As a result, own algorithms and smart newsfeeds for ranking the posts have appeared. It means that users will see only the materials with the highest reactions like comments and reposts.

However, Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp are becoming popular for marketers. They provide exact delivery, direct contact and short distance with the user. It is expected, that the content for them will be generated in 2019 while it is possible.

Evergreen materials

These are topics actual for all times. The subtopics difficult to be connected, but they are very useful, anyway. New information should be constantly added, while obsolete ideas should be deleted.

Voices of the future

These dialogues about voice optimization and making content for it have started long ago. Marketers say that the income will be 3 times higher by 2021.
One more trend that cannot be skipped is Virtual and Added Realities. Look how IKEA have coped with it.

Limited edition content

As we have said before, useful content is no longer a benefit. People are not really surprised by it. Limitations for time or volume can bring value back to your activity. However, mind that your content should really contain something unique and luxurious not to disappoint your audience.

Have you tried anything from our list?

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