Customers and reviews

No matter what the field is reviews are great power in our modern world.

No one would like to be a buyer who has purchased and now regrets about it and reviews help to escape it. There is no great problem or too much time to read what other owners think about popular smartphone or expensive TV.

If you are still in doubt about this statement, we have prepared a list of useful statistics why marketers should work with reviews and what benefits it can bring to their strategies.

Read till the end to feel the power of our research!

Clients do read feedbacks(94% according to Fan and Fuel)

When we come home and think about new gadget for our homes, we read about other people experience with it – the same as our audiences. Technical data is interesting, but all of us are interested to know how it will work on practice, that is why we are losing almost 72% of clients as they are not ready to purchase without getting information.

How sales and reviews are connected

Simple messages like “no review, no purchase” and similar don’t make the whole story. We have found something really interesting:

  • Anonymous feedbacks are less valuable than where name and surname or any direct indicator are mentioned. People want to believe in case they are sure, the reviews are true ones.
  • 5 is a lucky number of reviews to increase sales.
  • If the products have more or less equal qualities, that one with bigger number of reviews will be bought.

Customers and reviews

  • Only 3% of Fan and Fuel respondents confessed that reviews are not so much important for them.
  • Cafes and restaurants are also reviewed and nearly 60% of visitors read them – says BrightLocal
  • More than a half visitors have come to the website of local manufacturer after getting positive reviews – according to the source above.
  • One more data from them: Globalization have come to us, 85% of clients treat online reviews in the same manner as personal recommendations.

How important it is to respond on reviews

  • Certainly, general recommendation is not to ignore both the happiness and problems people face when buy your products. But let’s see in numbers, why it is important:
  • 53% of buyers wait company’s reaction to the feedback left.
  • Bazaarvoice has shared that 15% of clients are leaving potential buyers if see indifference to the feedbacks.

  • One more fact from them: people change their mind about the product or service, when they are responded.
  • Negative opinions should be also mentioned, at least 16% of clients think so according to Get Five Stars. However, the time here is really short: not more than 4 hours are given. The logic might be simple; if you have made a mistake, take an immediate step to correct it.

Make negative experience work on you

Having excellent product is really cool, but people understand that we all have our faults. Brilliant goods can make clients think, that there is something wrong here and somebody is telling a lie.
40% of respondents say to G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing they feel more loyal to the product after reading negative reviews.

Only 18% of users don’t deliberately look for negative opinions.

Absence за bad marks will make hesitate 93% of clients when making final decision.
There is no need to be perfect: rating 4.2 – 4.7 is more than just enough to increase conversions, higher result will decrease them.

Message from our statistic is that clients’ work does make sense. Negative ideas is not a problem, it may become so, if you don’t react on them and prefer only good words.

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