10 Top Digital Marketing Automation Tools That Could Transform Your Business

Marketing automation is top-3 popular technologies for business development together with content marketing and client data using and all of them successfully cooperate as a trio.

The niche of automation is very interesting itself as it is a branch of technical development. As a result, companies are offered more options to communicate with clients and followers, as both potential and regular clients can take some benefits from it.

To see all enormous option of marketing automation, one must think about the whole client’s lifecycle and which techniques are the most suitable at each step. Potential customers start their journey with many stops before they become loyal ones and automation is a perfect tool to have positive influence on the journey.

We will tell about 10 options how to implement the approach most wisely, read and check what you have already adopted in your strategy.

  1. Crack the market with similar audiences
  2. Automation will definitely bring more results if you have followers and subscribers to your website. However, Facebook and Google have offered some new technology, that will help to find audiences of similar type to increase brand awareness and get more traffic to your web resource.

    Check information in Google ads management or Facebook business to have more detailed information.

  3. Use automated invitation with interesting content
  4. New audiences can be attracted by blogs or social media, but they are difficult to get interested or to make a desirable action and stay on your website. You will significantly decrease outflow, if add indexes and actual content, the visitors will feel more engaged as well.

    Automation can offer some content according to the information your visitor has already studied. For example, CMS plugins can announce and invite to click the links to related or further articles.

  5. Create various landing for different segments of your audience
  6. Use landing constructor after attracting and inviting the audience to you. You will need it to make segmentation and add clients in the list.

    Such important ingredients like heading, title, images, texts and all what the page consists of, certainly is very important. But, it is another game where A/B testing has its powers.

  7. Create a list of welcoming letters
  8. Your first letter is of the utmost importance, you work here on first impression about you. Hope, you understand it can’t be spoiled as this mistake is never to be corrected.

    Correctly composed letter will lead to half of opens. But why it can be only one? Create a chain а them where a client can partially get understanding what the company he has found is about.

  9. Personalization can be easily reached with dynamic content
  10. It is a next station in our journey and what we can do here is to show that we know each client individually and, for example, title of the letter can include your client’s name.

    Body can be also used to gain this aim, by transformation of compellation, for example, you can name your audience “digital marketing managers” and share the information as if they are professionals and colleagues.

  11. Don’t leave unfinished blanks and carts unnoticeable
  12. Letters are still very important. One of the most effective forms of email marketing is to write your client when he left his cart and didn’t finish purchase. It will also work if registration form was filled just partially and you can send a kind reminder to complete the process.

  13. Track lead qualification
  14. Automation can be of great use and help when you deal with clients who often come to your pages, think about a purchase, but don’t do it for several times already.

    The mechanism is simple: the system gives a point for particular client’s actions. When the amount has reached a certain level, the seller is notified that this customer should be contacted by phone.

  15. Personalize website
  16. Here we attract and bring up our client. When your client has just visited your website or subscribed for a mailout, you can implement automation techniques to send him relevant messages, from calls to buy to links interesting information.

  17. Remarketing and retargeting
  18. Different, but having a lot in common approaches, that will remind you your potential clients to come to you again.

    Google remarketing will be a very good tool both for professionals and newbies.

  19. Make your clients recommend you to their audiences
  20. Your first letters may excite your clients, but after a while the level of engagement will drop down. Automation offers us a good tool of defining who become less active. They can be re-activated by interesting content or a discount. In case of no reaction, we recommend sending letters anyway, but do it not so often as usual.

    What do you think about these marketing automation opportunities?

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