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Digital marketing vs online marketing

digital marketing vs online marketing

First of all we should mention that these two examples are the best online marketing systems.

Online marketing vs digital marketing. Are these systems the same and if not, what are the differences?
First of all we should mention that these two examples are the best online marketing systems.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a system that uses digital platforms, devices, channels for promotion of advertising messages. It does not depend on the Internet access. Text-messages on your mobile phone, all offline advertisements are the products of digital marketing. It uses many strategies:
• Mobile advertisements (texting and calling, QR codes);
• Video and content marketing;
• TV commercials;
• E-books;
• Games;
• Electronic billboards;
• Digital art;
• Radio (show sponsoring, commercials);
• Digital product sample and so on.

Then how does online marketing work?

Honestly, we cannot say that “digital marketing vs online marketing” is an opposition. The first one is a broader notion that includes the second one.

As it is clear from the name of the system, online marking needs a live Internet connection in order to be efficient. But it is still a component that, used wisely, brings fruits.

Basic Internet Marketing Features

Internet marketing is aimed at performing a number of functions that ultimately help to promote a brand or increase sales of a particular service or product:
• Demand study. Knowledge of demand makes it easy to sell the product. Demand does not need to be created, you should find out what people need, and just give it to them;
• Price-formation studying;
• Sales promotion;
• Studying of advertising means and finding the best ways to advertise.

Online marketing system implicates:
• E-mail marketing;
• Mobile marketing;
• Web sites;
• Social media marketing;
• SEM and SEO;
• SMM;
• Pay-per-click ads;
• Content marketing and others.

Differences of online marketing from offline digital marketing

1. Temporal and spatial continuity, due to the continuous Internet access anywhere in the world. Marketing activity will be distinguished by the same continuity.
2. Versatility. Network protocols run the same all over the world. Geo-targeting of an advertising campaign allows overcoming language and ethnic barriers.
3. Multi-channeling – distribution of information is possible through several services.
4. Manageability of marketing actions, which is possible due to tracking user activity.