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E-commerce Advertising Strategy

E-commerce Advertising Strategy

There are so many ways to drive full funnel traffic and convert it into customers that buy advertised products. A carefully developed e-commerce advertising strategy is one of them. For your website to be useful you are to raise your potential audience awareness.
There are no golden rules about e-commerce advertisement that can guarantee your business improvement. Nevertheless, there are many time-tested tactics, ad strategies and practices that will definitely increase your sales.
How to create marketing plan from scratch? When it is badly thought-out it is to fail from the very beginning. So in this article you will find tips on crafting the plan that suites your online store. Remember that these reliable tips are not the only way. Your team experience is a “special sauce” that gives future e-commerce ads a great advantage.

Seven steps to a beneficial e-commerce advertisement

Plan is a beginning, the ground of future success. So make sure to apply e-commerce advertising strategies that can be labeled with trustworthiness.

Step 1: executive summery.
Seek out for some advice and preceptors. Look for individuals and teams who have successful e-commerce ads within the same market area. Hire experts in the field when it is possible. A gifted marketer will not only save your time, but improve the most questioned parts of the business:
• website maintenance;
• branding;
• paid e-commerce advertising and so on.
Experienced agencies will bring new skills, perspectives and a fresh energy.

Step 2: goals and targets.
Set attainable objectives. It is okay to amend goals and targets when they turn to be over- or understated. But it does not mean that vague and unspecific expectations are allowed. After creating achievable goals, some “scratch goals” for excitement can be added to the plan.
Describe the objectives with some metrics. For example:
• increase e-commerce ad emails by 7%;
• increase sales on Christmas Eve by 63%;
• increase Average Order Value in December by 34%.

Step 3: value proposition and mission statement.
Your e-commerce advertising strategy should be built with a clear idea:
• what you do;
• what you don’t do;
• what the mission of the campaign/advertisement is.
It is nice when a company has philanthropic elements. But it is not as important as a clear mission.

Step 4: target markets, personas, customers.
A good e-commerce ad is not made just for someone. Knowing the audience is one of the main priority of an efficient campaign. You should understand clearly whom you are targeting, that are the defining characteristics of the people that can buy your product. Targeting unqualified, low-converting individuals a company is to waste money. So before launch an e-commerce advertisement, try to find out and use as much relevant information about the audience as you can. Especially important are:
• geographic location;
• gender background;
• age range;
• purchasing power.

Step 5: situation assessment.
Analyze your previous e-commerce advertising strategy, asses:
• strong and weak points of the plan;
• the current campaign status;
• the competition.
It will help better results, decision-making.

Step 6: pricing strategy.
Do researches before setting prices. Nowadays it is not a problem to check whether a product is overpriced. Make sure you provide real value of position and price.

Step 7: plan on distribution, fulfillment.
Never forget that a successful e-commerce ad leads to orders. It means that you always must be ready to fulfill your clients’ expectation about delivery.