Everything About Ecommerce Marketing
Everything About Ecommerce Marketing

Everything You Need to Know about E-commerce Marketing

Nowadays we have so many marketing directions, no wonder that a newbie can feel easily lost in all this variety. But what about ecommerce marketing: why it is important? How it differs from internet, social media or email marketing and other types.

It can be said that digital marketing and ecommerce do not deny each other, as ecommerce projects can easily implement all popular channels used for traditional marketing.

When we talk about ecommerce marketing, it is generally understood as buy-sell deals with using electronic means, making business via Internet.

This word covers everything connected with business automation, maintenance and scheduling of commercial deals. We don’t have to go far for good examples as we all know services for tickets and hotel booking or online shops.

However, digital ecommerce marketing doesn’t mean sales only. The income can be obtained from deals commission, data exchanging and some other options.

Let’s have a brief look at 3 major types of ecommerce businesses:

  1. B2B: it is the level for companies’ interaction and Internet there is the way to speed up the business.
  2. B2C: retail business can serve as the best example, as well as online shops, education, auctions and trades.
  3. C2C: this type of business implies interaction between consumers themselves, for example, think about online flea markets or something like that.

What are the most beneficial ecommerce marketing platforms?

Good news is that we have a sea of variants for big and small businesses. One may feel great relief that there are free variants as well.

The point is that places like Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce or Magento. But monthly fee may poke away those who are making their first steps in ecommerce business. Xcart, OpenCart or Presta shop will be enough at least at initial stages of your business.

Some tips for those who want to succeed with his online shop

There are so many ideas one may wish to try so it makes you dizzy. But you may not have time to test them all and, in fact, risk your business. Omismedia has created a list of ideas you may try and, what is more important, they are not very difficult at all for implementing.

Offer product of a higher price

For example, a woman wants to buy a mobile phone and is trying to finish the order. Show her one with higher price, but better qualities. There are people who are interested in a particular item only, but others will be happy to consider better options which were simply not mentioned for some reason.

Reduce the amount of abandoned carts

People may skip finishing the order for some reason, but you may turn them into your clients just by reminding to finish the started. Add some value to your order like a discount coupon, free delivery or a gift. Set time limit for a person to feel the value of the offer.

Improve your email marketing campaigns

People are more loyal to this type of conversation as it is less intrusive than ads in social medias or other channels. People get your letter and feel that they are ready to talk to you at the time convenient for them. Send personalized information relevant to each group of clients you get. You can inform about:

  • sales;
  • new posts in your blog;
  • a quiz that will start soon;
  • new arrivals etc.

Offer live communication on your website

People may have a quick question about the product starting from its feature to the presence at all. And the quicker you can do it, the more is the chance for catching the client. This method is beneficial as a person can resolve his problem on the spot, without interrupting an important phone call or being afraid his colleagues will hear his conversation. While it is your chance to offer alternatives or win a person with prompt and useful information. Everything is simple: people do appreciate being cared about.

We hope that our guide has helped you in ecommerce philosophy understanding and starting your business there will be quicker and more effective.

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