Email Marketing for E-Commerce
Email Marketing for E-Commerce
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Email Marketing for E-Commerce

Email marketing is an innovative way of sending marketing messages to both current and potential customers. Email is a renowned digital marketing channel where sender entirely controls the content and distribution.

It can be best used especially when communicating to segmented lists of beneficiaries. It is one of the most important tools in association with e-commerce when sending transactional, advertising, and lifespan messages.

On-Site Email Capture

Email capture technology provides you several ways to internment an email address on-site and identifies visitors. Below are three popular email capture techniques that convert well:

  • Pop-ups for visitors who enter the website for the very first time. Here you can offer incentives such as 10% Off or free shipping to attract users so they make a purchase.
  • Exit intent pop-ups are used to engage and convert consumers with targeted deals. They are offered as the user is about to leave the website.
  • Contest pop up provides you a great opportunity to win a prize in exchange for an email address.

These strategies assist you in identifying unidentified visitors so you can send personalized emails and track the progress on consumer behavior. Also, it will help you understand the consumers’ interest in products so you can customize emails accordingly.

Drive Sales

Numerous businesses often combine the technique of email marketing and expect an average return. Though profits are never guaranteed. Over the years, the research has portrayed a similar picture that shows email is a high-performing channel that commonly outperforms the substitutes.

Email isn’t Influenced by Third-Party Gatekeepers

A popular aspect of email marketing is that it isn’t subject to the notions of centralized platforms. The unintended tweaks to algorithms can entirely disrupt a distribution approach. Reaching customers directly has become easier than ever before.

Build Ongoing Customer Relationships

Nevertheless, search engines and social media platforms is a great way to explore potential customers, email remains an effective way to maintain and strengthen existing relationships.

Many online consumers prefer buying new products and services from brands they are familiar with. Email plays a significant role in making a customer’s second purchase or more and therefore having customers’ return is important.

Email Marketing Examples:

The Welcome Email

We have commonly heard that the first impression is the last impression. If your introduction to a new user isn’t appealing, your follow-up promotions won’t be either. In addition to promotional emails, the welcome email is a central campaign in your marketing selection.

It aims to thanks subscribers for joining your list, set expectations for upcoming promotions and simplify the sale process. For instance, Pandora rewards its new subscribers with a discount code when they sign up.

Personalization to Target Various Segments

You are more likely to have a different target audience that you want to reach. At times, you may need to reach the entire audience with a single message and here personalization comes in play.

These emails considerably improve clicks, open rates, and engagement while at the same time minimize spam reports and unsubscribes. Sending emails with content that’s customized to every audience segment is an effective way to keep your subscribers satisfied. 

Exclusive Discounts to Loyal Customers

You can always keep your existing customers coming back to your website with a loyalty program. One cannot deny the fact that loyal customers play a tremendous role in the success of your business.

An easy way to build this loyalty is to create an exclusive loyalty club. Using email marketing for your e-commerce solution will help you figure out the right segments to target.

Send Promotional Sales Email

While your best customers should get some perks, don’t ignore the traditional promotional sales that may bring you other subscribers.

For instance, seasonal and holiday-themed email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to gain the attention of subscribers. You may take a look at Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale during November and December. An email marketing campaign can surely bring you several hundreds of dollars.

Considering the unlimited benefits of email marketing, don’t forget to consider the design of your emails to appeal consumers.

1- Create Responsive and Nicely-Designed Emails

An email for your e-commerce business must be well-designed and responsive from welcome to promotional emails. It’s a great idea that every email should include images and GIFs. You may consider text-only emails that do quite well.

2- Be Visually Appealing

To make your emails visually attractive, you can either use images or non-image formats such as headings or bullets. Make sure your email is easily readable and focus on single call-to-action in every email.

3- Look Great on Mobile

Your email service provider should preferably use responsive templates that automatically adjust the users’ display screen.

4- Grab the Reader’s Interest

You should not undervalue the power of your words. Your email copy must gain reader attention. Also, remember to upsell and cross-sell in your emails that significantly contribute to transactional emails.

5- Ask Engaged Customers for Reviews

As soon as you engage customers that make purchases from your store and click on your emails, you should perhaps reach out to them and ask for a review. 

6- E-Commerce Email Marketing Automation to Follow Up with Leads

Using email marketing automation is one of the most efficient ways to keep your email marketing measurable and consistent. You can set up automated email campaigns to automatically do things such as: 

  • Send a welcome email to new subscribers 
  • Send unrestricted advertising emails to customers 
  • Alert customers as soon as products of their interest are available 
  • Send out promotional emails to your subscribers on special occasions 
  • Promote events
  • Share content  


In today’s highly competitive market, email marketing has become a need. We hope this article helps you in designing effective email campaigns to build loyalty with existing customers and attract potential consumers. Don’t forget to monitor and improve your campaigns. It’s time to lead the online marketing world!

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