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Email marketing

General Idea of email marketing

Email marketing helps you to keep the contact with your customers, tell about coming promotions, bring new audience to your website and finally have better sales results.

In other words, you are constantly in win-win relations with your clients, where they can enjoy your new promotions, goods and services, while your benefit is in increasing your income with the help of the cheapest and simplest variant of advertising.

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Why email marketing is beneficial for your business?

Do you remember the times when all letters were sent by post only? It means that a sender had to spend money for the paper and pay all that fees for shipping.

While electronic emails can be sent again and again and the recipient will have it immediately.

The latter case seems to be even of higher priority. Just imagine. A common letter will come to addressee not earlier than in 3 days. Can your business really wait for so long?

Besides its delivery speed your client can make conversion immediately. Thus, you will have more leads with email marketing.

Let’s look at the data.

Today customers are constantly logged on to various apps and systems and it is really a great challenge to sound louder than competitors. But, just think. Approximately 91 % of American adults have email boxes and near 75% of them have used a coupon or discount they have received by email this past week. As you can see, when the process is set correctly, it is simple, effective and can be understood the way you need it.

Email marketing methods

Email is not just a letter it can become your secret instrument to reach the customer directly. Special methods of written communication are used in email marketing strategy for each your email to make the customer react and, ideally, converse.

When email marketing agency should offer its help?

  • Potential clients are to receive messages when you think it is necessary to inform about certain products, new product appearance or new properties of a well-known goods or service.
    Thus, here we try to persuade our client to pay attention to us and buy our products or services.
  • Email marketing approaches are widely used to establish long-term relationships with the clients. In this case, the letters look like a news-sheet.
    Doing this way we are going to make our clients loyal to our company in whole and our products in particular.
  • As a variation, marketers can allocate their advertising information on borrowed emails. In this case the letter is also sent through news-sheets. Difference is that you don’t create your own news-sheet, but use somebody other’s one to advertise your company.

A lot of news-sheets was created to serve this aim and earn the income by sending advertising space to those who is interested.

Email marketing is not a future! It is present and it is already here!

Advertising email marketing is a perfect tool with enormous amount of options that our marketing agency will be happy to discover for you.

We offer a full set of email marketing services that will cover your email marketing campaign. We understand how important it is for you to succeed and offer close cooperation with your marketing department, so your company can have high stable results.

We are highly experienced in current existing mailing platforms and can handle with your advertising campaign on base of our corporate email marketing platform.

Call us – we will work out email marketing campaign that will fit your business better!

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