Emarketing and email marketing - basic differences and benefits
Emarketing and email marketing - basic differences and benefits

eMarketing and Email Marketing

Newbies in marketing can meet a lot of new notions and definitions. Some of them are very clear, while others can be really difficult for understanding. The problem can be also the point that some ideas have very similar sounding like emarketing and email marketing. The former notion can be treated as abbreviation that is quite wrong. Certainly, they both have a lot in common due to “marketing” word, but what about previous part?

Let’s study both of the directions and see what they are about and how they can be used for companies’ benefits.

Let’s start from the beginning: marketing or emarketing

When we talk about marketing in general, it would be correct to understand here process of clients’ attraction and building relations with them. It covers such things as advertising, promotional media, press releases and some events.

Emarketing, in its turn, is also focused on communication with the clients, the point is that it is performed through various online media source.

Why emarketing is popular now?

Marketers have caught a very wise idea quite long ago: brands should be at the places, where people hang out. For more than two decades ago television and partially radio were of the highest popularity. No reason to come to spend money on advertising, promoting and attempts to build relations where nobody is expected to be.

Another problem of such traditional medias was that there success or failure was difficult to be defined or explained. It is quite complicated to guess what made people turn to you now and why it failed in a week. Marketers in this case could only buy the time of publishing their ads and, sometimes, the ads they will neighbour.

Emarketing offers more freedom and speed. Of course, it has a lot of preparative activities like planning, defining target audiences and its preferences. But, if everything was done correctly, the coverage will be more detailed and careful. Additionally, there are a lot of tools to make immediate corrections in case you feel that something is wrong. It is absolutely impossible when we talk about previous form of marketing.

One more important point is about the cost, electronic marketing is times cheaper.

Emarketing and email marketing – what is the difference?

Here we talk about communications through emails. The approach seemed to die out several years ago, while now it is gaining pace.

People widely use emails for daily routine work, even official issues can be now resolved via electronic letters.

Main problem is like having email of the client you want to talk to. In some sense we can compare it with a boy who met a beautiful girl, but he knows her name, but didn’t ask for a phone number and now he knows that she lives somewhere, but he has no way, or very complicated once, to reach her.

Emails database is of great use, because you can track the activity of each user and offer him or her something relevant to their tastes. Due to modern marketing technologies such email communication can be easily personalized for each individual client. The problem is that it wasn’t reached immediately and people had to struggle with tons of letters with offers irrelevant for them. Whether one like it or not, but the companies have obtained a lot of negative shape.

Nowadays people are not very happy to share their emails because of the problem above, but some companies are trying to be useful and make the pot sweeter by offering to get a useful leaflet or diet programm or something like that for the email.

Email marketing is quite perspective as it can be used for remarketing to remind people about abandoned carts or offer people some discounts on their favourite products if they didn’t shop for a long time already.

One greatest advantage of the approach is that is encourages communication when the client is ready to talk and doesn’t interrupt one’s habitual activities.

As you can see, it is not all difficult at all. However, if you still feel some questions remaining – write us without hesitation.

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