15 Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2019
15 Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2019

Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Why do people use Facebook? Ask 20 people and you will get 20 different answers, including chatting with friends, work purposes and a lot of others. The truth is that this ecommerce marketing platform is used by nearly 2,5 billion of people every month.

We are sure that you have added it into your regular marketing activities plan, but the problem is that your competitors did it, too.

Being up-to-date is quite challenging and you should be sure that your Facebook strategy is correct. The list of statistics we have collected for you will help you to understand what is going on well and what should be taken next.

1. Facebook is the third popular website

It has given his second position to YouTube, that seems to be hardly surprising as videos are gaining pace. But mind that all the request about Facebook are still the most popular in the world.

2. Facebook app wins in amount of loadings

Just mind that WhatsApp takes next position, while Instagram is next but one. Message for marketers – to plan mobile content carefully.

3. Facebook visitors are two times more beneficial in comparison with 3 years ago data

Greater users’ engagement was reached because of focus on connections that are full of meaning. As a result, monetization of the platform was improved significantly.

4. Three thirds of Americans are using Facebook

While Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest got 33-35%, 25% and 30% accordingly.

5. Only half of American teens use Facebook

In spite of the fact that children are poorly represented on the platforms at all, one may find curious that there are more American youngsters with lower family income, than from rich families.

6. Older generation on Facebook has doubled

65-years old should be also asked why people use Facebook – mind it. As there were only 20-22% of them in 2012.

7. Facebook is like the whole world

There is only 10% of American audience there that takes only second place of population on the platform. India is the first one, Brazil takes the third position, while Indonesia and Mexico close top-5 chart.

8. Half of the audience is English speaking

Remaining half speaks Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic and 100 languages more.

9. The time of Facebook use has grown up to 58 minutes per day

Insta photos are watched only 53 minutes, don’t worry. Curious fact is that in 2016 total time for the platforms above, including Facebook Messenger, didn’t exceed 50 minutes.

10. Each visit is quite short – no longer than 12 minutes

It means that you are very short of time to attract your clients to be mentioned in popular Facebook posts. However, the oftener a person comes, the more place for ads in the newsfeed you get.

11. Up to 45% of facebook inhabitants read news there

But, don’t get too excited too soon, almost 60% of them, however, mention that the news they get there can be incorrect. Buying Facebook pages can be a good idea, but creation of solid reputation where all facts are true and can be easily proved – that’s the key to success.

12. 8 is an average amount of ad clicks for an average user

Let’s get into details and say that it is 10 for women and 7 for men. The amount of clicks is lower than it used to be 2-3 years ago, but you remember that not all ads really require clicking.

13. Brand awareness is 66% higher in case it is optimized for mobile devices

Study last updates about mobile video advertising tuning as you have only mere seconds to catch attention and show your ad full screen.

14. Videos are more useful for searching new product

However, be careful that Z-generation is stronger in this opinion.

15. People are more open to video ads when they deliberately consume such type of content

Facebook Watch users feel less nervous in comparison with those who were just scrolling the newsfeed, that is why 6 second length is not always the best solution.

Certainly, there are more tendencies and ideas other companies can mention. But, we are sure that now you have an idea what to do with your Facebook campaign.

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