Facebook ads tips to get more sales
Facebook ads tips to get more sales

Facebook Ads for More Sales

Personalization is a major part of today’s social networks and the algorithms they use for it are constantly changed. You have to struggle a lot for the audience could see your organic content in social network. However, there is a good news: it can be easily corrected by money. It may seem strange, but if your problem can be resolved by some finance, consider it as some kind to expenses, nothing more.

Facebook, as one of the most popular ecommerce marketing platforms, is a common place for advertising strategy realization and, yes, Facebook Ads adopting means you will have to pay for your advertising.

The biggest fear from advertisers is that they will spend money on ads that will not work. However, no reason to worry here: Facebook will be perfect at all stages of sales funnel.

Let’s stop talking and focus on tips that will help your Facebook ad strategies be the most winning.

Note: we are not going to discuss basic ideas, but the ones to make your ads highly effective.

Use high quality images

Bright colours and happy people with your products in hands – to say it in brief. Mind, that fitting Facebook style will not be good for your ads as they risk to merge with the surrounding. You have mere seconds to attract one’s attention and you should be very inventive.

Mind the text you use in the photo

A photo itself is half of the business, while a connected text may intensify your message and attract more attention. Facebook doesn’t mind adding some calls to actions or other information you need, but remember it shouldn’t be more than 20% of the image.

Work with remarketing

Be ready to admit the fact that people may not be ready to purchase from you immediately. The reasons of it can be different, and they are not obligatory connected with your brand. However, they have already shown some interest in you and here how you can play on it:

  • show the ad to those who studied your product (remember to exclude your regular clients and those who have already made a purchase);
  • eliminate the amount of abandoned carts by reminding people they haven’t completed the process. As a variant, you may offer some value to the suggestion: free delivery in case of finishing the order today, discount coupon for next order, a sample of some product and so on.


This trick works not only for email marketing, but for ecommerce ads on Facebook as well. Think what you can offer to people who you are familiar with.

Referrals and brand protection

Your clients can turn their friends and relatives into your clients, too. Use Facebook referral ad progamm. People will be more interested in the buzz when they get message in the newsfeed, rather than from mailbox.

For example, you can offer a discount for inviting a friend. Some companies also may ask about video review that seems to be the best social proof.

Double your audience

If you are working for a certain period, you may have certain understanding of how your audience looks like: age, location, interests and so on. Copy these features to create similar audience on Facebook. The chance they will like your products is very high. If the content and other approaches were successful at some other place, it has great potential to strike for similar ones.

Launch a quiz

People like winning something, it may remind some hunting and harvest. The key trick is not in offering your product directly like “hamburger”, but give a person some sum for him to buy what he or she wants. Even if the sum is small, as a social animal, a person is likely to share his win with a friend or a family. $30 spent for 3 coffees the person got from this quiz will give you two more clients for next time. At least, they are personally familiar with you and, what is even more important, from the best point.


Certainly, this list can be endlessly added. Main point is to remain flexible. You will have to try several methods to learn what works best exactly for you. But the changes will come.

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