Facebook Marketing Platform for Advertiser - Types and Effective ways
Facebook Marketing Platform for Advertiser - Types and Effective ways
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Facebook Marketing Platform for Advertiser – Types and Effective ways

Facebook advertising is one of the most popular ways nowadays which further allows you to stay connected with your audience and target your viewers through this world’s largest social network. 

However, according to the ever-changing algorithm of Facebook can easily make it a challenge for you to stay connected organically with your fans and customers. Whereas, Facebook’s micro-targeting characteristics enable you to further reach your precise target audience.

So, in that case, you can trust Facebook ads by which you can convey your message or promote your business in front of the people who are interested in your services or wanted to buy your products.

Although, that would be so great for your budget, your overall conversion rates, and as well as, return on the investment. Thus, with the help of Facebook ads, you will only pay to reach your most relevant potential customers.

Furthermore, today, in this article, we are going to discuss why the Facebook marketing platform for the advertiser is important for you and how you can do it in the future. That’s why it is really important for you to understand such different types of Facebook ads, how to target your audience, and how to get the best results.

Types of Facebook ads:


This type of simple Facebook ads would be a great way for every beginner out there to further get started with the process of Facebook advertising. However, you can easily create one of your favorite ads along with just a few clicks through promoting an existing post just with an image of your Facebook Page.

Though Image ads are the beginning step for advertising on Facebook, you need to make sure to put such ads with an interesting fact and highlighted factors, still, Image Ads don’t have to be boring.


That would be another best way for you to promote your business/brand and target your specific audience through such Video ads. However, through this type of ads, your ads will be run in News Feed and Stories, and as well as, the ads will be appearing as in-stream ads for longer Facebook videos.

Though, Video ads can able to further show your team or even your product within an action. Also, your video ads do not just need to shot filmed video footage. Whereas, you can still create GIF-like posts or some other type of animations to easily capture your audience’s attention.


This is actually a kind of mobile-only Facebook ad format that may include within an interactive component along with this type of video polls ads. Also, it is a brand-new sort of Facebook paid advertising feature, but of course, according to Facebook’s early data, such ads can easily and more conveniently increase brand awareness also efficiently as compared to the regular video ads.

You can take help with these video polls ads to easily promote your business or take full advantage of a Facebook marketing platform for advertisers ahead.


Slideshow ads simply provide you with an easy way to further and easily create short video ads through a collection of your selected still photos, existing video clips, or text.

Also, if you don’t find your own images, then you can easily choose some of your favorite images from such stock photos straight away from Ads Manager.


This is actually a kind of Facebook paid ads, that would be offered only for mobile devices, and as well as, allow the users to easily showcase their top selected five products by which their customers can buy with a click.

Collection ads is a convenient option for you to specifically allow the audience to buy your services or products without leaving Facebook. And this type of Facebook ad can make your online shopping easier and more effective.

3 Effective ways to use Facebook advertising:

It really doesn’t matter if you are a kind of big corporation or just a small or beginner local biz, advertising through Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool available in the market.

That is actually a great space by which you can easily keep customers informed, broaden your entire reach, and as well as develop a brand identity.

  • You can do more with your Facebook business page

Just with the help of your Facebook business page, you will be finding a new way to easily develop the identity of your brand and of course, express and show more about yourself to your customers/audience.

However, Facebook is the genuine spot for you where you can easily loosen the bond a bit but, always make sure don’t be hesitant to act a little bit of more funnier as well.

  • Facebook classic ads for your success

Facebook is the platform for you that actually offers its own set of advertising along with Facebook ads, and these Facebook ads appear in the Facebook site’s side columns.

These classic ads can also be referred to be more precise as Marketplace Ads. Therefore, this will be including a headline along with the copy, as well as an image, and also a click-through link to each of your Facebook pages, an outside website, or a Facebook app.

  • Hosting Facebook contests

Running your own making Facebook contests, promotions, or sweepstakes would be another Facebook marketing successful tactic for you by which you can eventually increase the limit of your fans and promote your brand awareness as well.

Facebook contests can easily promote your brand throughout the social media platform so that your audience can get the answer and find out more about your or your brand.

Final verdict:

So, that’s how you can use the Facebook marketing platform for an advertiser to increase your brand’s worth and can manage to make yourself more prominent in front of your audience.

Facebook marketing is a new popular way to make a stamp in the eyes of people who are willing to purchase your services or product, so why are you waiting for? Try one of the above-mentioned Facebook ads types now and do let us know about your experience with us…

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