Best free email marketing platforms and how to choose your one
Best free email marketing platforms and how to choose your one

Best Free Email Marketing Services

Today Internet is full of different services that helps to create email messaging. The biggest problem about them is that they provide the clients with different options and the prices may vary by 10 times. Business owners and marketers have to spend really big part of their office hours to study them.

The amount of useful and fruitful reviews is extremely small, the point is that a lot of them are obsolete or cover just little part of potential services. Omismedia have decided it is high time to correct the mistake. In the list below we have created best options for those who use ecommerce marketing platform or works on his own, no matter how big or small your business is.

Why, actually, this choice is important?

Main reason is that your email – is your voiceless continuation of conversation between you and your client. In case those, who make your email blast list, receive inappropriate, irrelevant or shabby letter – a great part of your efforts will be ruined.

Another point is about the outcomes of making wrong choice is that you will have to spend a lot of time, efforts and, probably, money (just think of the revenue you didn’t have time to generate because of this problem) to move to another “place”.

Restoring of reputation is costless at all, in case it is possible at all.

Before you will learn how to do email blast with suitable services, let’s study, which points should be covered in your individual research when looking for the best one:

  • Focus on main concept. The basement of platform or technology is important, because schtick thing today is an obsolete or irrelevant idea tomorrow
  • Pay attention to client’s portfolio. If you see businesses similar to yours, it may suit you as well
  • Ask your marketer’s team opinion about the service you are about to choose
  • Mind that the cost includes paid functionality, integration, customization and other expenses
  • Pay attention to the positioning of the service itself. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole

So, let’s study the services that will help you in email blast marketing!


This service will suit for small and medium types of businesses. Strong point of it is a good automation for result gaining. One can find here good analytics and visualization, however, there are some limits in audience segmentation.


It is probably one of the best services for content projects and small businesses. Key feature is that automation wad available for paid users only, but now everyone can enjoy it. What is more, the logic of its implementation is quite simple, even people far from programming will cope with it. As the service is widely popular, integration with a thousand of services is also available.


This service almost the same amount of options that paid variants have: no limits for subscribers, a wide range of samples and mailouts can be adapted for different devices types. The only point is probably you will not be offered A/B testing and the amount of letters here is not so big – something like 300 per day.


The service will be best for medium and small businesses. Multichanneling is probably one of key points of this service. You will have emails, sms and Viber channels for communication. Unfortunately, all of them can’t be used immediately in one scenario. Newbies will cope with the functionality easily, but mind that there is almost no segmentation.

Little hint how to test more marketing services with less efforts

You may be interested in a great variety of platforms, but trying them all can be quite complicated. There is a way out – use temporary email box.

You will resolve two problems here:

  • no need to unfollow from numerous letters;
  • save trial periods for the platform you liked.

Just google “temporary email box” and make an account there. It will help you to test 3-4 variants you are interested in.

Write us about email marketing platforms you have already tried.

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