Best Free Prodcast Hosting
Best Free Prodcast Hosting
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Best Free Unlimited Podcast Hosting Website

There are millions of podcasts whether popular or unpopular, they all are hosted somewhere. A podcast hosting service works as the home for your show. Similar to a website requiring a hosting provider, podcasts need a way to store and distribute these audio files. Though most have cost tiers linked to them, you can also find a free podcast hosting website. You will get to know about your favorite podcast services here.

Best Free Podcasts Hosting

With several options available, we have compiled free best podcasting hosting providers you would love to get familiar with. Here you go!


Easy and powerful is what describes Podbean. This podcast hosting service offers four different plans for users – one version is completely free! As your podcast progresses, it further offers two paid versions. Currently, the service is hosting more than 240,000 podcasters with over 7.4 million episodes combined. Also, it boasts about 6 billion downloads. Podbean provides you with almost everything from creating and managing to promoting your podcast. 

The website features custom domains, processes to promote a podcast, embedded players and upload and publishing tools. Also, it’s mobile-ready which is important for any podcast hosting service nowadays. You will come across three paid options to deliver unlimited bandwidth. The free version covers 100 GB per month and five hours of storage space. The hosting service is practical with a strong network based on where you are and how your viewers listen. 

Further, you can also connect your website to the hosting provider or embed a player. Sharing tools allow listeners to connect with you on various social media platforms. Besides, audience engagement such as allowing feedback are interesting additions. Podbean provides you with a breakdown of how the podcast is performing along with several advertising and sponsorship prospects. You can also incorporate premium subscription services to your podcast.


Buzzsprout has been around since 2009. The website offers a free podcast hosting option for all those who have just started. The free plan lets you upload approximately two hours of content and hosts your files for about 3 months. If you want to upgrade one of their three paid plans from $12-24 per month, the service hosts your files infinitely with unlimited storage and 250GB of bandwidth monthly. The bandwidth covers about 20,000 to 40,000 episode plays every month. 

Moreover, the website offers a user-friendly analytics dashboard with an algorithm that evaluates the number of listeners every episode receives in the first three months. You can also take a look at countries your listeners are tuning in to better understand your audience. All you need is to upload your audio, write the episode title and description and send your podcast to all major directories. 

Another perk is you can conveniently add episode chapter markers. This exclusive feature helps the listener to understand key pointers about your episodes quickly. We recommend a $24/month plan that allows you to upload 12 hours of content every month and save both money and additional hours. 


Spreaker comes with a versatile program that helps you create, distribute and make money out of your podcast. The website is launched in the year 2010 and host thousands of publishers with millions of active listeners for both Android and iOS. It features an onboard editing and recording system. Users may want to record a podcast and post it later. 

This studio application is very reliable and user-friendly. Once you upload the podcast, it’s time to distribute it. This podcast hosting service supports diverse forms of social media in addition to mainstream directories such as YouTube and Apple. You can also embed a widget onto your website for quick playback. Analytics are important for a successful podcast and Spreaker offers basic statistics for free and $5.99 monthly plans. 

You can also get comprehensive statistics for relatively more expensive monthly subscriptions. The free plan includes 15 minutes of live streaming and 5 hours of audio storage. However, the monetization tool is not available. Further, you will get unlimited bandwidth on each type of subscription. Though, advertisements are included with free plans and therefore you need to pay for removing them.


Captivate is another amazing podcast hosting website offering a bunch of useful features such as smart UI characteristics, batch uploading, WordPress plugin and much more. It’s a mobile-friendly website that automatically uses varying colors you can choose from. 

The hosting platform allows you to host an unlimited number of podcasts starting from $19/month for approximately ten thousand downloads. This significant number is more than enough for most podcasters. Here’s the Good News! The website is now taking feedback and making quick updates.


Transistor is a renowned platform hosting some of the most popular podcasts like Cards Against Humanity, Honeybadger, and Drift. The website provides podcasters with everything that they need to grow their audience. Some prominent tools include unlimited shows, producing branded websites with a custom domain, manage several users per account, provide advanced analytics and distribute your podcast. 

The initial plan is $19/month that provides unlimited podcasts and episodes up to two users. Also, it offers 10,000 downloads per month. Next is the Professional Plan for $49/month with up to five users and 50,000 downloads per month. Lastly, you will find a Business Plan for $99/month with up to 10 members and 150,000 downloads per month. 

Transistor allows you to scale your podcast with the growing audience so you don’t encounter any issues in building your audience. If you are using another hosting platform, you can always import your existing feed into Transistor. Isn’t it amazing? If the podcast is your passion and you truly want to grow your audience without any limitations, we would suggest you go with a Professional Plan. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial and 2 months free if you pay annually.

MukHost For Podcast

With a very reliable budget we suggest to use MukHost for the your podcast. They already running many podcast like Neil Podcast, Carry. MukHost provides the custom support to help in growing the audience to podcasters. Not only that they help in fixing all the technical issues available in their platform.

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