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Full Funnel Marketing

Full Funnel Marketing

Full funnel marketing – what is it?

Marketing funnel is a new, but promising strategy of visualizing the percentage of leads turned into customers. A funnel meaning was chosen not accidentally, it works like this: marketers start their campaigns from the top of the funnel, trying to capture all possible leads. Then they slowly move to the narrow bottom, making efforts individual, targeted. It’s the way to attract the most qualified customers and to increase conversion rate.

What does funnel marketing include?

There is no universal marketing funnel suitable for each kind of business. Of course, funnels vary depending on the field of activity, targeted audience, general marketing goals and so on.

And still three main stages can be defined in any type of marketing funnel:

  1. Familiarity with the brand. Your company and products should become recognizable – that is how to attract new customers easily.
  2. Consideration. People need time to compare your products with competitors’ and to think about positive aspects of you offers.
  3. Conversion. The main goal of any marketing plan is to motivate an action, especially in online marketing.

The main features of funnel marketing approach

Getting into the funnel, new customers “fall” differently. Marketers analyze this “falling” at every phase and create individual approach for each customer. It is reflected in targeted messages, recommendations, pop-ups, etc. As the result, strategies differ. Your task is to identify the main goals and create unique tactics accordingly.

Basic strategies on each stage:

  1. To generate awareness of the brand, marketers use videos, online displays, targeted content. Your company should always be in sight.
  2. To ensure visitors in products’ quality and increase company’s visibility, several tactics are used: email messaging, social ads, paid speech, statistical evidence, etc.
  3. To encourage an action marketers provide potential customers with retargeting clicks, sites, pop-ups, encouraging content.

Don’t forget that all these campaigns should be carried out according to different goals. In a few words, the main objectives look like this:

  1. Good impression, trust.
  2. Visiting company’s website through clicks.
  3. Conversion, boosting sales.

All in all, this strategy has a circle structure. After each successful campaign you need to analyze the impact and repeat it.