How to Get a Free domain
How to Get a Free domain
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6 Brilliant Ways to Get a Free Domain Name Just Within A Minute

Nobody hates the word free. Grab your free domain name of cost 12$. Check the domain providers willing to provide you with a free or almost free domain.

A domain name is very important for you if you are planning for a professional website or introducing a business name. At first, you need to buy a domain name that also includes some other professional features such as count of visitors, dashboard availability, and much more.

However, there are some free websites also available that give you domain names free of costs. A domain name is more something like a website address which actually includes a name, and a dot (or period), and as well as an extension such as “net” or “com” at the end of the address.

We successfully reviewed several easiest ways that will surely help you to get a free domain name. These ways are also good for you while offering you a source one directly from a provider of a free domain name and as well as securing one just like a part of a paid hosting package.

So, read out the article below and find out the best ways to get a free domain name just within a minute with including features and lots more ahead…

Our Top Picks Free Domain Name Providers:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Squarespace
  3. Dreamhost
  4. Weebly

A-List Of Free Domain Name Providers, Get Yours Now!

So, these are the top selected domain name providers which are all willing to provide you with a free or almost free domain name easily, read out the complete features below and get yourself one of them to make your website or business looks like a professional one in front of your readers/buyers…


Bluehost is one of the recommended web hosting for you and it has provided you a free domain name. As we all know that nowadays, .com URLs are mostly in demand which gives the visitors a professional kind of more trustworthy look. But of course, it really isn’t possible to easily get one absolutely free.

Get the cheapest hosting plan by Bluehost:

  • $2.95/month, including the free domain name.

Bluehost is the finest option for you where the hosting plans starting just with the cheapest rate of less than $3 per month, and even though, there would be an included a free domain name as well.

If you have a higher budget, then you can choose some other professional hosting plans while visiting the official Bluehost website.

2. Squarespace:

Squarespace is also a convenient way to get almost a free domain name, whereas, it is a website builder and as well as a hosting provider by which you can easily get a free domain along with hosting plans. 

Look out the hosting plans by Squarespace:

  • Personal plan: $12/month with unlimited storage. 
  • Business plan: $18/month that offers analytics, email, and payment processing.

However, Squarespace’s website builder makes it features out while offering well-made professional templates that can be easily searchable by industry.

If you are good with the investment, then you can visit to their official website for finding out more plans.

3. Dreamhost:

DreamHost is also a good way to approach a free .com domain name for your website or for your business. It may offer you a free domain through its annual hosting plans. However, there is no doubt to say that Dreamhost is considered one of the best for such newbies who wanted to start their business with a free domain name.

Here are those hosting plans by Dreamhost:

  • Annual shared starter plan: $2.59 included one website, unlimited bandwidth, and also offers one-click installations of WordPress. 
  • Shared unlimited plan: $5.95/month included unlimited email, websites, and also provide you with preinstalled WordPress.

You can get a free domain name easily through DreamHost along with affordable hosting besides a feature of the drag-and-drop builder to further design very basic types of websites.

4. Weebly:

Weebly can give you a serious helping handle while building your simple website along with a free site builder, and of course, a subdomain. Weebly is such a great option for all those solopreneurs or for those newbies who just start up their business and actually have limited budgets.

Check the Weebly hosting plans:

  • Free plan: free subdomain (e.g along with a 500MB of storage, and an included footer link ad.
  • Paid plan: $5/month, including a free domain name (e.g, along with a 500MB of storage, and there will be no footer link ad.

If you want more information regarding the hosting plans, then you can visit to the official website of Weebly.


So, with the help of this one, you can easily get a clean URL, for example, However, it is also free to further transfer the domain over a hosting service by which you can create a website. You can only register a free domain name through for just upto one year.

But, also, there is a drawback with this one is that domains do not rank normally as compared to the other common extensions such as .com or .net. Whereas they currently offer you free renewals, and still, there is no further guarantee of this free renewal stay the same in the future.


You can even register a domain name (e.g absolutely for free. Well, this is not like, that offers you with a one year of registration only, but lets you allow to further own the domain without any specific time of period, enjoy an unlimited amount of time. hosting plans are included:

  • Free hosting and domain plan: 5GB of traffic/month along with automatic installation for your WordPress or Joomla.

This is an ideal choice for newbies who wants to start up their career as a freelancer or just wanted to build their own website within an effective kind of rate.

Final Verdict:

So, we have shown you the top-rated 6 brilliant ways to get a free domain name just within a minute, now pick up your best one and don’t forget to let us know about your choice in our comment section below…

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