Top Global E-commerce Trends 2019
Top Global E-commerce Trends 2019

Global E-commerce Trends 2019

Global E-commerce Trends 2019 – Every Marketer Should Know

Dozens of companies annually share their global market meaning based on different researches and investigations. However, their works can be so long that it may take too much time to study the matter in details. We have studied nearly 20 of these reports and created something like a summary of them all.

Implementation of all the ideas we are to discuss is not always highly expensive, but it will certainly make marketers’ job easier and will significantly increase the income.

Let’s study what ecommerce trends marketers predict us for 2019.

Voice search changes the world

The main browsers’ function is to search for information. They are not the main reason for platform traffic and income anymore. It is expected that browsers will be changed very much, however, their future is foggy.

Comscore expects that voice search will reach 50% by 2020. A lot of companies work in the direction of the voice search. For example, Walmart has adapted thousands of products for voice search on the Google Express platform.

Mobile commerce is bursting to go into action

Google, Apple, and Samsung have inserted the system simplified payments, thus, this direction is growing faster than eCommerce at all.

Last year approximately 70% of transactions in retail shops were finished with the help of smartphones. Statista promises that the revenue of mobile commerce in 2020 will be $189 billion and the vast majority of sales will happen through apps where payment making will be easier than in the browser.

Artificial reality as an inevitable part of service

AR brights line fades between real and virtual life. A lot of clients are allowed to “try on” several goods without leaving the house.

Implementation of this technology will help you to resolve the biggest problem of online shops – the impossibility of preliminary contact. You might have heard about IKEA who offers its clients to imagine real sizes of furniture and how it will fit in their houses.

Omnichannel is nothing but a part of nowadays reality

Ecommerce marketing platforms used to talk a lot about it, but now it is actively used. The main idea of the approach is to supply the clients with smooth and seamless experience via all brand channels: from a retail shop to Instagram.

Automate it all immediately!

This trend is actual for all world retailers, while e-commerce will have the biggest outcome from it. Nowadays automation is widely used in manufacturing, delivery, stores managing, marketing, and sales, particularly.

Automation will help you to get a better impression of you as a brand from the first sight. The options you can adopt:

  • Immediate and simultaneous publication about new offers in social networks, apps, and other channels;
  • Chat-bots for quick contact with clients;
  • the exact understanding of a breakdown reason;
  • Clients segmentation according to their interests;
  • Searching for clients’ track on the website.

Conveniency is not the only profit one may get from automation. Additionally, workers can save their time. Retail Rocket company can be told as one of the examples, marketers there don’t spend their precious time performing routine operations to create regular mailouts, relevant content can be gathered for each user automatically.

High expectations about delivery from clients

Speed and effectivity – are two indicators for those who understand what global eCommerce is. Researches show that nearly 44% of clients use delivery on the same day when it is possible.

The automatic parcel terminal is one of the first options available almost in every country now. Clients don’t have to plan their day for the courier’s arrival or spend the whole day waiting. And companies don’t have to pay for the delivery of one small order in rush time.

There are even more advanced options, like Amazon and its robot aircraft for delivery. In some countries, this idea is a bit tough for implementation yet, but minds are already worried by such an opportunity.


Now you have main ideas in your focus. Some of these trends are not absolutely new, but timely implementation will greatly improve your results. Have a look at your business and think about what can be changed right now.

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