How to improve the profitability

Mobile approach is of great popularity nowadays and the reason for it is quite simple: the amount of mobile users has doubled in the US since 2011. Mobile devices are now more than just means communication (in traditional sense, for making the calls), but a toll for entertaining and nearly 90% of free time people spend in the applications.

Mobile app developers could happily rub their hands, but a lot of the have faced the situation when things on mobile marketing platform were looking up at the beginning, but the progress was suddenly stopped or the situation has even turned to worse.

Optimization for further profitability of your app may turn out really a challenging task, that’s why we have prepared some smart pieces of advice to maximize sells and increase the rating.

How to make your app a source of income

Don’t take money immediately

It is the most tempting and, in fact, daunting tactic to use – to make your app loading for payment. Sure, you have spent nights and money for your app creation, but people are very reluctant when they are offered to invest at the entrance. In case of comparison with equal app with similar options they are more likely to choose a free one with less number of functions.

Let people come in for them to feel more relaxed and confident to spend some money.

Work on optimization (ASO)

You are likely to understand a bit traditional SEO, it works similar in the applications ecosystem, but differences occur.

First of all, create a version for main markets: Google Play and AppStore, otherwise you risk to lose a significant part of your audience.

Such factors as title and feedbacks are of the same importance on both mobile platforms, while description and keywords should be optimized according to the requirements of each playground.

Include your users experience

First of all, make it easy to sign up with already existing accounts from social networks – the quicker process of signing up, the better for you.

Use personal accounts according to preferences and web activity to offer the most suitable products. Individually selected offers encourage people to spend more than in case mass selection.

Do use push-messages, but wisely

Actually, near half of the users want to be informed about new products, sales and all that stuff. A sticking point is to keep balance and not to be too intrusive and, thus, not to be associated with annoyance.

Your message should be short (up to 10 words), meaningful and valuable for your clients.

One of the best push-messages examples is for a taxi service when the car has arrived.

Encourage your clients to enlarge your customers database

Make your relations with your clients even stronger – offer him to invite a friend or relative. The only point here is that you should prepare how you are going to thank them. For example, you can offer a discount coupon on a certain sum after friend’s first purchase.

Make purchasing simple and enjoyable

Finally, your client wants to buy something from you. Obviously, he will need to write his personal information, but your task is to save it for next time, not to re-type it again. It is a very simple trick, but it makes remembering you as a caring seller.

Check performance of your app

It is said, but true that it is impossible to catch all the bugs, but first and foremost you should fix crucial and obvious ones. Using your application should be pleasant and admit no brain-farts. Misprints seem to be not so terrible here, but if it is a style of your business probably you shouldn’t be surprise of clients leaving you or hire an editor.

Final thoughts

You may feel that your business is not so successful as it could be, but if you have an app you are already on the right track. The more loads you have, the better – so it is important is to make them free. One good way of encouraging loadings is to offer lower prices than making orders on the website.

All the hints we have given to you, are not the only ones, but after adoption even this small portion, you will feel how money come into your pocket.

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