Instagram Shadow Ban – Everything You Need To Know
Instagram Shadow Ban – Everything You Need To Know
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Instagram Shadow Ban – Everything You Need To Know

What Is An Instagram Shadow-Ban?

You need hashtags to grow your followers on Instagram. It might seem a little disappointing to see your content not showing up despite searching appropriately with the right tags. Instagram’s Shadow-Ban is a superficial ban that happens only when you break a rule. Shadow-ban makes your hashtags undiscoverable to other users. Only your followers can see your content, not the entire Instagram community. To get your content back in the same position, you need to fix the rules and remove the ban.  

How Do I Know That I Am Shadow Banned?

It is easy to see if you are shadow-banned on Instagram. Search your content by querying your hashtags and if the content doesn’t appear, it is a sign of you getting shadow-banned. Another way to check for aa shadow-ban is to check with your Instagram followers if your posts are visible to them or not. constantly tracking your followers can also give you a hint of being shadow-banned. If the number is not increasing as per the trend, you might be shadow-banned.

What Are The Reasons That Lead To Shadow-Ban?

  • User Policy Violation

No one has the exact idea of how shadow-ban works or what could be the reasons for you to get shadow-banned. However, we all agree that violating Instagram’s s user policy can get you to this position. Instagram has tightened the rules and policies a little further in order to protect the Instagram community from bot users and spammers and keep it safe.

  • Excessive Engagement With The Followers

Many users think that overusing hashtags or using hashtags that are banned are some common reasons for a shadow-ban. The reason for this perception is that overusing hashtags or using banned hashtags attract spam filters and algorithms. It can also happen if you comment, like or post a lot on Instagram. You should engage with your followers as a human. Like or comment on posts that really appeal you and not everything and anything. It is ok to not like everything you get your eyes on.    

If you follow, comment or like a lot of stuff on Instagram, you could come off as someone who is taking help from an automated robot or software to get attention and therefore you can be shadow-banned.

  • Using Banned Hashtags

Often times, an appropriate hashtag can become overrun with content that is inappropriate. If it happens, Instagram reserves the right to remove the hashtag or limit its usage. If you are using this kind of hashtag into your posts, it can lead you to get shadow-banned.

  • Your Instagram Account Is Reported Frequently

If your account gets reported by a large number of users, Instagram assumes that inappropriate content is being posted by your account or that you are violating Instagram’s terms and conditions and hence it either disables the account or shadow-bans it.

How Do I Fix A Shadow-Ban?

You have to fix the damage in order to get your Instagram account along with its content back to normal position. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Stop using Bots (Or Any Other App)

If you are using any kind of bot or automated app to connect with your followers, delete it immediately and stop using it. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to desktop Instagram and click Edit Profile.
  • Click Authorized Applications.
  • If you see any of your accounts that you use as a bot, click Revoke Access and it will delete it permanently.

Its always better to have a smaller number of followers that genuinely love your brand and purchase from you, instead of having a lot of fake followers who never buy from you.

  1.     Do Not Use Banned Hashtags

Remove all broken hashtags from your Instagram account. Be very careful and selective while selecting a hashtag. If you have doubts, visit the page of that hashtag to have a clear picture of whether you should use the tag or not.

  1. Take A Small Break From Instagram 

Many bloggers have observed that taking a small break (usually a 48-hour break) from Instagram resets Instagram’s settings and it can help to get your content back to normal. After all, a small break is way better than a temporary ban from the social network.

  1. Follow Instagram User Policy Religiously

Thoroughly read and follow Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Violation of any of the rules written in the links is likely to get you shadow-banned. Posting appropriate, helpful and authentic content will go a long way in growing your followers. It might take a little longer to do this, but growing slowly and steadily is better than getting shadow-banned in a rush, right?

  1. Avoid Big Surges In Instagram Activities

There is a fixed number of maximum likes, comments, and posts that you can do on Instagram. Also, there is a limit to how many accounts you can follow or unfollow. The reason why these limits are imposed is to track down automated marketing tools or bots. If you follow 50 accounts in a very small amount of time and then unfollow half of them immediately, Instagram detects this as suspicious activity and it can cause a shadow-ban.

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