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Is WooCommerce The Right Choice for your store?

About to start a store and thing about “WooCommerce is the right choice for you?”
Here we are sharing the complete guide to cover up your all questions, before you get started to it.

WooCommerce | The Best eCommerce Platform‎

WooCommerce is a platform of ecommerce for entrepreneurs globally. It can be completely customizable and open source. It is not confined by the rules of traditional ecommerce platforms and has basically no limitations. It is a powerful and strong tool for ecommerce.

Woocommerce Sell Anything AnyWhere

Woocommerce Sell Anything AnyWhere

The main aim for its development was to create a store for online by using the website of WordPress. WooCommerce is useful plugin in both cases, whether the user wants to build a new store independent of others that is standalone or the user wants to build a store from previously existing blogs or websites of WordPress, WooCommerce is the right choice for him or her. Basically WooCommerce is free of cost plugin however, price is charged for any updated version which provides best experiences to the users. 

Benefits of the WooCommerce

The WooCommerce is an excellent choice for individuals as well as for the businesses, for launching their stores online whether from scratch or from already occurring blogs etc. The main benefits provided by the WooCommerce are:

Benefits Of WooCommerce

Excellent choice for individuals as well as for the businesses

  • The WooCommerce is a free plugin for ecommerce which provides many features for the assistance of the users in their way to start online stores.
  • The WooCommerce provides its users with the guidance and experiences of the experts and the owners of well-known businesses.
  • The WooCommerce is approachable by its characteristic of being an open source. The code of the WooCommerce is accessible to every person encouraging participation and formation of a community in which people are free to make suggestions and to be able to modify in addition to viewing of the content thus contributing in it.
  • The WordPress powers the WooCommerce by twenty four percent so that the users are able to sell their product online on the already known and loved platform.
  • The setup of the newly made stores is made easy through the WooCommerce platform. It aims at making the setup process quick and easy. For this purpose, onboarding wizard is offered to guide the store setup and complete the process within minutes.
  • There is an extension library for WooCommerce which provide many extensions including the gateways for payments, the calculations of the shipments within a particular country, the advanced calculations for the taxes, managing memberships, and management of subscriptions, anti- theft, anti- fraud and many others. The extensions is backed by an active community.

The Problems Solved by WooCommerce 

The Problems Solved by WooCommerce 

100 Ecommerce Problems One Solution WooCommerece

  • The main problem often faced by the companies while growing online, is the issue of scaling. WooCommerce can scale the issues rapidly for the business and hence solve this problem.
  • Another problem mostly occur is that as the platform is globally accessible, the difference of payment methods and the exchange rate may hinder the process, however, the WooCommerce develops customized integrations all over globally.
  • The many features provided by the WooCommerce are the solution in themselves. Most of the features provided by the WooCommerce through upgrading are so rare and incredible, they are not provided by any other platform of ecommerce.

Features of WooCommerce

 The common features of the WooCommerce are given below

Made for developers

WooCommerce the most efficient platform

WooCommerce the most efficient platform

The WooCommerce is build and modify by the experts and developers throughout the world that is the reason it is so generalized and the most efficient platform thus a best choice. It is operated and worked up by almost three hundred and fifty people living at geographically different locations. 
  • The WooCommerce and WordPress are made on same grounds thus the WordPress user can easily use the WooCommerce platform.
  • The WooCommerce is openly available for the public to view or change the content as seen fit. The software empowers over  more than two million stores online and work in collaboration with them so the WooCommerce can further be improved in future other to the future trends.
  • There are extensions in almost every field like payment, shipping, marketing, accounting etc. there are more than over four hundred extensions officially made by the developers worldwide.
  • The toolkit of WooCommerce is not something new but it is simple and familiar by the users so making the WooCommerce is easy to use.
  • The WooCommerce is a proper platform with a proper system. The feature of documentation is so useful it tracts all the information about each and everything happening in the WooCommerce.

Beautiful stores of WooCommerce

The sales of the products largely depend on the appearance of the product as well as the surrounding. Where the good product packaging is important for the product appearance, the site or store where the product is going to advertise must be beautiful and compelling. It is known that the process of buying doesn’t merely starts at selecting a product but from the creating of the store where the products are to be sold.

  • The platform provides a variety of themes to be selected for the store including many popular themes around the world and that of the WordPress themes.
  • The feature of customization provides many options to be modified or changed according to the interest of the user. This include changing the theme, clicking options, coloring scheme or any other thing without any restriction so that the stores appears different from any other.
  • The WooCommerce also lets the users add content to the brand for their description so the product is well understood and recognized. And the selling can be promoted.
  • Another important feature is the option of shortcuts. The products are embedded with the content or blogging and by clicking in the option, all the relevant information and details along with the product comes out, making it easy and approachable for products to the customers so that these can be viewed.
  • If a customer is interested in a particular product, the platform makes it easy for the customer to find that product. For this feature, the products are sorted by names, tags, categories, attributes etc. 

Though there are many other sites giving details on WooCommerce or any other topic searches, but the OmisMedia is providing the best and relevant information wholly.

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