How to Easily Make Up a Free Business Email Address
How to Easily Make Up a Free Business Email Address
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How to Easily Make Up a Free Business Email Address

So, if you don’t know what is a business email address and how to easily make up a free business email address just within 5 minutes, then this article is the right place for you. However, business email actually uses your company’s domain name (for example: and also, your personal name ( for example:, and this feature can represent your brand as a kind of professional image.

Although, you can still set up a free business email address within minutes or so just with the help of choosing a good and trustworthy domain and hosting provider, as well as registering a new email address, and then simply connecting it to your email client.

What is a Business Email Address for you? Why it is important?

A business email address actually contains your business’ domain name, like this 

Whereas, every business should know to first create a well-managed business email address; by which they can easily make your business or brand more professional, building good confidence in customers and as well as, increasing the overall customer loyalty.

Here are those reasons which gives you the solid purpose to make your business email address right away…

1 . Look more professional in front of your customers:

To make your business more prominent and taken seriously by your customers, you need to make sure to further have coherent professional branding, in which an email address also included.

This could be an important factor for every employee to have a business email address along with the same domain so that you can easily maintain brand consistency.

2 . Increase overall brand awareness:

Well, when you use a business email address including your domain name, so that you can easily promote your brand to your targeted audience and as well as, that would be an easier way for you to increase your brand awareness at a time when you sent an email, your brand name will be displayed.

3 . Develop more customer loyalty:

A professional email address will be really helpful in many ways for you, it is not just only increase your brand perception, but as well as, it can more effectively convey honesty and reliability.

However, by doing this, you will make your customers more inclined to perform business with you. That would be a great way to make a trustworthy relation with your business partners.

4 . Keep costs extra low:

Startup businesses always face a tough moment with limited budgets, many beginners wanted to keep costs down and still, want to establish a professional image, and that’s how along with a business email address, you can maintain your budget.

How do I get a business email address for free?

There would be a few options available for you to easily finding an absolutely free business email address. However, here in this article, we have come up with two simple and great options for you to easily choose from:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Zoho. 

Bluehost is one of the easiest yet the bestest ways for many businesses who are actually considered to buy a web hosting, domain creation, and as well as a free email address, whereas, this Zoho can provide you with more effective ways to those who still are ready to get a domain hosting along with a simple business email account.

1. Free Bluehost Business Email Address

It is actually best for such businesses who are in a need to buy a domain name, a feature of web hosting, and along with a free business email. 

However, if you haven’t made your domain name (website name) yet, or maybe you still don’t have a place for the website (hosting), then this Bluehost is the right place for you.


  • It may offer you with a free email, 
  • It can provide you with a free domain name, 
  • You will get a complete website hosting.


The starting price for BlueHost web hosting would be around $2.95/month.

2. Free Zoho Business Email Address

It would be great for those businesses who have their domain names, but still, wanted to have a free business email account.

If you just want to create a business email address, and already have a domain name, then Zoho is the right option for you.


  • It can create a free business email address, 
  • It is also good for business that utilizes for the email marketing, 
  • It has also built-in important email marketing tools.


The starting price for Zoho would be around $1.00/month. 

How do I set up a business email account through Bluehost?

  • You can simply start up while choosing your domain name and your plan. 
  • Don’t forget to check the availability of your selected domain name. 
  • Then, simply complete the process of your registration. 
  • Now, make a sign up to your Bluehost, and set up an email account. 
  • Then, connect your email to either Gmail or Outlook. 
  • And, in the last, you need to setup your email forwarding (optional).

How do I set up a business email account through Zoho?

  • To set up your business email account, you need to first sign up for Zoho. 
  • Then, simply verify your selected domain name. 
  • However, change your mail record to your new domain provider. 
  • Now, you need to create your business email address. 
  • And, in the last, set up email forwarding (optional).

Final verdict:

However, both options would be a great way for every business holder to easily make up a free business email address just within 5 minutes. We have shown you the most possible ways which costs you under your budget of course, and give you a reliability to promote your business with a professional image.

Business email address is really important to take a step forward into this professional world and develop a more trustworthy relation with your new business partners. 

So, keep trying those above-mentioned options and don’t forget to share this info with your friends as well so they will know more about business email address. 

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