Difference between Marketing and Advertising
Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising: Differences and Opportunities

Marketing and Advertising: the real difference between them

Marketing and advertising are inevitable part of our today’s life. The companies use these tools for selling their goods and services and the client, in his turn, use them to stay informed about new arrivals on the market.

However, it is a common case both for marketers and consumers to mix up the ideas or treat them as the same thing. The point is that these two approaches are used to reach absolutely different goals.

What is marketing and why we need it?

Let’s consider this term from the scientific side. This term can be considered as a package of measures focused on goods promotion of goods or services from the manufacturer to the end-user.

Marketers also see it as a complex of “4P”. According to this theory, there are the following elements included:

  • Product – all the things connected with it: its appearance, features, ergonomics, design, and quality;
  • Price – this category defines the price for the product and which discounts and promotion possible for it;
  • Promotion – we include here all activities connected with product moving forward like pr, advertising, encouraging product sale;
  • Place – this area determines the ways for the product spreading. like the shops, it will be displayed.

To sum up, marketing – is a massive kind of activity that accompanies products from soup to nuts. There is no product or service that can be sold without marketing. Main function of all marketing activities is to introduce the product to the market and deliver it to the end-user.

What is advertising and why we need it?

If we take a broad meaning of advertising, we can say it is information broadcasting in any form and with the help of various means of an indefinite group of people. The aims of this approach are to inform, persuade, attract the attention of the client to a particular product and keep interested in it.

Advertising is absolute concrete tool that is used by marketers for product promotion.

We should mark immediately that the difference between marketing and promotion is that the latter one is a part of the first notion. Advertising is a narrow part of marketing.

There are a lot of ad types nowadays. It can be not only commercial but social and political as well. Ad types can be also divided into by nature of the impact on the client. For example, it can be informing, reminding or encouraging for some activities.

There are a lot of variants of ads that can be spread. One can see it on billboards, posters, above the roads – it is so-called outdoor advertising. Radio and a TV can be also used for telling about certain products. Printed media like newspapers, leaflets and magazines can be also engaged.

It can’t be said that one approach is better than others as all of them perform their particular function and will bring the best results when used adequately.

It should be mentioned that advertising is always focused on a particular target audience, i.e. potential clients. The channel of reaching the target audience is chosen according to the audience features, the same as methods of advertising, heroes, design and all the stuff.

Advertising is a message that is not designed for all at once. If we talk about luxurious products, they are often published in glossy fashion magazines. You are unlikely to find this information in leaflets given out near the subway entrance.

Advertising is posted there where potential clients can easily find it. That is why before creating any ad material, there should be a lot of marketing researches performed to study as much as possible about the client.

What do we have in common between marketing and advertising?

When we talk about all media used for advertising vs marketing, we should confess that all of them work on product promoting, leading it to the client.

What are the key differences in the ideas?

The scope. For example, eCommerce marketing platform Shopify and local online store with a focus of one city.
Important difference between promotion and advertising is that former one is always interested in commercial profit, while the second notion can simply make us think about certain people, events or problems in society.

The last point is that advertising can function on its own, however, marketing cannot survive without advertising as promotion is impossible without it.

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