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What Is Marketing Channel Distribution?

What Is Marketing Channel Distribution?

Definition of marketing channel is so simple and neat, but at the same time a bit difficult for understanding, so we prefer to have a good example for your to understand it in details.

Just imagine a deep water channel with banks, crooks and sandbanks. Ship canals are designed and incapable of moving a great amount of goods to big distances, distributing the goods during the whole way. Note that canals here serve as a means of communication as well. Thus, it is not simply a logistic channel, but a powerful marketing channel – a tool with means of analysing of inhabitants’ needs, common features, means and preferences in consumption and, obviously a tool of influencing on them.

All the participants, involved in the process, give their own name to that one and the same channel. Main feature of such channels that altogether with goods, knowledge, finance and experience are also travelling there.

Saying that such channel is only logistical or sales is half-part true as we do not talk here about only segment of its using.

To sum up, if someone asks you what is marketing channel you can say that it is a complex of market participants, legal entities and private people (manufacturers, buyers, intermediaries) united by seller’s goods and entering the relations to get benefits from the highest satisfying market needs.

What are the most beneficial marketing channel strategies for small businesses?

Your own website

It will be the first place where people come to get more information about you and your products. No relevant data – no conversions. People are too busy and, at the same time, lazy to search somewhere else. Invite somebody to test how quickly he can find necessary information and take in mind all the problems he or she shared with you.

Social media

Places like Facebook or Twitter are nowadays important game players, whether you like it or not. So, use them for your benefit. But, mind your manners. People come to talk to you, to know more about you and not to be sold.

Email marketing

It is somehow under-regarde means of communication, but it can bring a lot in the right hands. Main lines here are to be personalized and laconic. You can write some story for your letter, don’t forget add impressive call-to-action at the bottom of the message.

Work with the content

This question is perennial as the grass. What your write, should not only contain key-words, but be interesting and useful. Posting a message is not enough – distribute it through different channels to cover bigger audience.

Jungle telegraph DOES work

You are unlikely to buy this vacuum cleaner if a consultant tells you about it. But you will be more loyal if your friend says that firm is reliable and the work is done very well and some more useful functions are added. The simplest way here is to ask your clients to ask about writing feedback after making the purchase.


Of course, there are some channels remained unnamed. But it doesn’t mean they do not work, options like cold calls, ad rolls or influencer marketing are also very good, but they are more suitable for big tycoons that have huge budgets for marketing and advertising.

The only thing you should know, that the amount of channels is growing a dime dozen. And your presence on the Internet is not an option anymore, but a strict must as it is the first place where people go to search information about you.