Mobdro App Not Working Error
Mobdro App Not Working Error
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How to Resolve Mobdro like App Not Working Error [Fix]

If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means that your Mobdro App Live Streaming has stopped working. In the following tutorial, we will guide you on how to fix common issues and bugs on the iPad, Note-Taking Tablets, mobiles, and iPhone, while using the Mobdro app. 

Why is Mobdro so popular and why don’t users lose hope when the app is not working? 

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Simply put, as one of the most popular online streaming apps for Android, Mobdro offers a variety of spiritual, sports, and music, gaming and animal videos in more than 25 countries – in 10 different languages!

This gives you a wide variety of content to choose from. Moreover, users are looking for solutions rather than an alternative brand because Mobdro is a brand application for watching TV channels from almost any device.

Common Mobdro App Errors and their Solutions

Common Mobdro App Errors and their Solutions

While playing through free video streams on Mobdro, your device may face issues like: Live Stream is currently Offline, Can’t Stream, Can’t Download Video, and Please Try Again Later. Following are the most common errors and their solutions:

Device Storage: 

One of the errors that users may get, is due to the data storage of their device. In order to resolve this issue, clear the cache of your device using the following steps: 

  • Go to the “Settings” option and click on “Applications”. 
  • Here, click on “Application Manager” and scroll to your Mobdro App. 
  • Tap on your app and click “Clear Cache”

Currently Offline: 

Your app may give an error like Mobdro is currently offline. In such a scenario, follow these steps: 

  • Double-check to make sure that your device is connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. 
  • Refresh the app since sometimes channels get into offline mode.
  • Restart the app.

No Content Found: 

Sometimes, the Mobdro app can give you the error of No Content Found. This issue is not common but it is caused mainly when the app is not working. If you get this error, wait for a few seconds and then refresh it.

If the error persists, it implies that content has been actually deleted from the backup servers of Mobdro. In such cases, you need to wait for a few days until content is reloaded by the admins.

Lagging Video Playback:

Video playback error occurs specifically when you are using low internet connection such as 2G. In such cases, the videos lag and the app loses live streaming signals which return as Video Playback error. In order to overcome this issue, use a fast internet connection. If the problem persists then turn on developer options through following settings on your tablet: 

  • Go to “Settings” and click on “About Phone”. 
  • Scroll down and click multiple times on “Built number” to get the option to enable “Developer Options”. 
  • Once done, restart your tablet and check the app. 

Manage iOS/Android Settings: 

If Mobdro is not working on iOS or Android, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon on your device. 
  2. Open “General” and then click on the “Storage Usage” option. 
  3. Here, you will find an option to “Manage Storage”. Click on it. 
  4. Next, choose Mobdro App from the “Documents” section. 
  5. Tap on the app and choose “Delete App” option. 
  6. Once the process is completed, go to the play store and re-install the app.
  7. Parsing Error on Android: 

You can get a parse error if the Mobdro app is not compatible with the Android OS version of your device. This error can also occur if the Mobdro APK is corrupted. In order to avoid this error, ensure that you have installed Mobdro on Android 4.2 or above.

Fix Common Bugs:

If Mobdro app is showing errors such as a constant buffering sign or unable to restart then try the following methods:

  1. Restart your device. 
  2. Clear cache and restart app. 
  3. Update the Mobdro app if an update is available. 
  4. Update the OS of your device. 
  5. Uninstall your app and then reinstall it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobdro App

Does Mobdro App work on chromecast? 

Does Mobdro App work on chromecast?

Yes, the Mobdro app works perfect on chromecast. In fact, it has a chromecast feature that allows you to watch live streaming sports, entertainment and news channels on your TV chromecast. For watching Mobdro on your TV, connect the HDMI port of TV which chromecast dongle. You can also download and install Mobdro on TV through the official website, and watch unlimited free channels.

How to update my Mobdro app on Firestick? 

The method to update Mobdro app on Firestick is the same as TV; open the Menu options on Android App, go to the “About” section and update the features. You can also upgrade to a premium version by clicking on “Updates.”

  • Open Mobdro application and tap on three vertical lines at the top left corner
  • Go to About, and tap on Updates to check for available update

How can I uninstall the Mobdro app? 

In order to uninstall the app, go to the Settings option on your mobile and checklist of installed applications. Here, scroll down to the Mobdro app and tap on it to get detailed options. Drag the app to the top of your mobile screen and place it in the bin icon on top of your screen.

Why is Mobdro App showing Offline Live Streaming?

Offline mode is used when you don’t have an internet connection and wish to watch previously saved videos. However, many users face live streaming issues when offline. In order to overcome this issue, you can download a VPN and re-try loading videos.

Final Words

A great escape from boredom filled Sundays, the Mobdro app is an entertainment application that comes under the video streaming category.

Equipped with an easy interface, the Mobdro app works on the freemium model which is great because you can access many free videos and enjoy a number of shows.

Not only is this application legal, but everything is also in reach of 1-2 clicks. There are some errors and small bugs that can be easily resolved so get this app and fill up that lazy Sunday space!

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