A Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App

Nowadays almost any company has its own app. It can be colourful, bright and powerful, but its marketing can be a problem or even left to be as it is. One important point here is not exactly about promoting of already existing app, but start working on marketing even before development. Read our article to know how to succeed with mobile audience!

Mind that the thing you are working on is absolutely different from the stuff you used to do

You will see how different everything in mobile marketing is. Traditional marketing channels and approaches are no longer valid in the niche. Even experts in digital marketing are better to set apart cut and try method. Be ready to adopt new channels suitable exactly for mobile devices.

Main idea here is to remain open to new ideas and technologies. You will have to be really flexible to choose the best options for you.

Let like be cured by like: find related marketing channels

Here we are talking about selectivity to the marketing channels you are going to take. Traditional banners and other variants of common online advertising will hardly work here. People are usually quite lazy and unlikely to take their phones and search you after finding your ad on their desktops. You should publish your ads at the place where your audience is hanging out while using their mobile devices.

For example, if you are an owner of a puzzle game, you’d better to search your people in the apps for brain developing or with similar puzzles.

Advice: use RTB advertising to make the ads relevant and covering exactly target audience for low costs. And don’t forget to take several channels to increase results.

Choose right social medias

In general, it should be a major part of your strategy, but no all of them will suit. To begin with, you should make some investigation and find where they spend most of the time. Secondly, think which design and functions can attract users from other social networks. If we are talking about ads, find which ones will get more response from your audience and how the match the content in the networks.

Facebook is the top network and is proved by marketers to be the best for leads generation. However, other like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat are also quite good – the choice depends on where you can find your people.

Don’t promote the app, promote what it gives to your clients

Key idea here is not to offer to install something to do the same work without a computer, but, vice versa, offer a unique experience that cannot be gained anywhere else.

You can show your uniqueness by making special videos or screenshots. Your value should be directly expressed in your ads: it simplifies something, helps to track and so on.

Create a website for your app or a landing page

Stay present and actual on the Internet is difficult, but very important task. Website is a point where all links lead to. At this place all benefits and advantages of your app should be described.

If landing is not very convenient option for you, remember to update your blog regularly. By doing so, you show your audience that the app is still active and energetic and motivated team continues working on it. Besides, you will earn higher positions from search engines in this case and, logically, will be more noticeable.


The information we have prepared can be used both by newbies and old birds as well. These methods will help to renew your marketing strategy and gain positions higher and higher, no matter how experienced you are.

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