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Mobile Marketing Secrets You’ll Learn in 6 Minutes

Mobile Marketing Secrets You’ll Learn in 6 Minutes

Marketing automation is a cosmic expression that helps marketers to understand and estimate success of their campaigns. Want to know the secret of the approach for mobile marketing platforms? So, make yourself comfortable and study the guide we have prepared for you!

5 tips to succeed

Start with Customer Intelligence

Any action cannot be taken without data and the more you have it, the better. However, anyway, you should check what type of information is collected and how it can be used for your company’s goals and targets. Primarily, you should be aware of the following set of data:

  • type of the device and its operation system;
  • locations of your users;
  • their status: whether they are newcomers or loyal clients;
  • information of demographic type: hobbies, interests, age, gender etc.;
  • behaviour in your app: when was last logging and what happened at that session.

Divide your customers into groups

There can be offered two variants of segmentation based on:

  • value for the company – regular and occasional clients should be treated in different ways and, thus, different marketing campaigns should be developed for them;
  • another set of attributes – we may take age as an example: people in late 40-ies and mid 20-ies certainly have different set of values and points of views and, obviously, we cannot send them the same messages.

Use behavioral push messages

You may tune them to “burst” after a particular action being performed – for example, when a user has added something to the cart, but didn’t finish the purchase. Such reminders are more welcomed and more often opened.

Make impersonal messages look personal

Push-notifications can be used to inform about upcoming sale or new arrivals. Add any line like “Study in our store for …” and complete the phrase with last 1-2 categories the person used to look through at his last entering.

You can go even further and tune messages sending according to the data of most frequent entering the app. Thus, important information will be sent at right time and unlikely to be missed.

Analyze your results

You remember, that we advised to gather data for your campaign. So, it is important to get the information on the output to see what was good, wrong and should be improved. This scope of data will give you understanding of the processes for further campaigns.

Final lines

It seems to be there are some minutes still remaining to digest the information you have just read. And we decided to offer one bonus suggestion to you.

You know, we have just thought, that you are probably reading this material as some of your friends have shared it on social networks. You can do the same with related buttons or by copying the link.

So, what are we talking about? Your mobile marketing strategies should include virality – think how you can do your material important, interesting or simply valuable for the users to feel desire to share it.

We can offer example of Skyscanner when people made screenshots to share their routes with friends. The case is that it is not simply a screenshot, but a textual link. Thus, an image can be quickly “read”, besides, a link mass is generated, that is very good for your reputation in search engines. You should think about it as one more option. Main point here is not to think about complicated or supernatural things, as smart working solutions are generally simple and elegant.

The process of mobile marketing automation deserves being said as challenging, but not really impossible. Now you have at least 5 steps that will make your life easier.

Good luck!