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What is mobile marketing?

There are various definitions describing what “mobile marketing” is, but we are of the opinion is that it is a branch specially designed to attract mobile device users to your company or goods and services. Correct mobile marketing helps smartphone users to receive personalized information based on their location and time which can be obtained exactly and about what they really need even if they are in motion.

Why do you need a strategy for mobile marketing?

We live in the era of mobile devices. It is sadly, but we cannot ignore that any street you can meet faces glued to the screens of the smartphones and various mobile devices. It would be unwise to ignore so great amount of potential target audience. Mobiles are slowly and surely pushing out desktops and if you haven’t thought your strategy in mobile world it is high time for you to do it!

Mobile Marketing strategies. How to create your one?

Each company and brand create their own strategy concept according to their marketing goals and target audience. Mobile web marketing as well as technologies are based on custom settings and solutions.

1 Study out who are your mobile buyers. It is important to understand your audience. You can have fictional personas with educational and job backgrounds, life challenges, sources where they get information, relevant content, possible objections and others. You will feel more confident in your digital marketing strategy when realize who are “your people”.

2 Find out how your success looks like. You may get your goals from the following questions to your team:

Do we do anything for mobile devices? It is a starting point of your work, here you can track if everybody understands what you are talking about.

If you have already implemented mobile marketing – what are the results of your actions? It is useful to know what is acceptable for your business, what doesn’t work and what should be immediately changed.

How mobile marketing goals and initiatives can be fit into digital marketing strategy in whole? Tell why you turn your attention to mobiles, how you came to it and what your expectations are.

Who is target audience for your mobile marketing? Describe who is your customer now in relation of greater mobile usage.

What are the ways to engage mobile target audience? Here you can learn which channels are the most useful and effective for your mobile marketing strategy.

3 Implement Performance Indicators. Mobile marketing as any other digital marketing strategy should be constantly reviewed, checked and optimized. Define and establish realistic indicators to estimate your success, like Customer Service or Engagement

4 Implement mobile metrics. You should understand whether your content is attractive for mobile devices users, pages requiring optimization or where you have the richest scope of traffic etc.

Important tactics for successful mobile marketing strategy

1 Optimize your emails for convenient reading from small screens of mobile devices. It should be visually easy to look through and scan. You can also add there trumpet-calls, links and/or your email.

2 Create mass-texting to your target audience. It is really cool to have a database where you can add all your potential and regular buyers. But having a permission from users is an issue of great importance as if they have to pay for incoming messages all your information may become a kind of burden.

3 Tell about yourself in social media. The number of people entering social network apps from their mobiles steadily grows – your presence there is of great importance!

4 Develop a mobile version of your website. Users may be in hurry or on the drive when searching necessary information for them, thus your contact number, address and email is a crucial information.

5 Invest in mobile SEO. Mobile search requests are growing and you can benefit a lot if users can find you via mobile search.

6 Make your own mobile app. It is no difference whether it is free or demands some payments, main goal is to give users key information and fill their free gaps between different activities.

7 Mobile phone is a good means for various transactions and banking. iTunes has been already created – offer your variant.

So, why we think you need it all?

Mobile marketing strategy is only a piece of big digital marketing campaign. It is an essential both for short and long term projects and we see its importance increasing. Mobile marketing channel can be applied anywhere, especially in social networks, and you can reach more audience and what is more important – they can come to you when it is convenient for them and your brand will have no negative connotation.

SMM, mobile application and mass text messaging – are extremely huge projects. You should start with updating of the faces of your mobile audience, it will help you to understand their interests and where they spend their mobile time. It is only beginning in your big way, all the rest staff will come in order later.

Mobile technologies are unlikely to leave us soon, this branch has a lot to offer and make your business at the top of the list.

Don’t waste your time – become mobile straight away!

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