Best Price Tracker To Save Your Money
Best Price Tracker To Save Your Money
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Price Trackers That Will Save Your Money

Do you ever want to regret purchasing something online that you may find at a relatively low price later? Likewise, do you want to miss a mega sale on your preferred products? Obviously No! That’s where price trackers truly outshine.

These tools assist in enabling comparison between various prices in real-time, determine the pricing history, apply coupons automatically and send you frequent email alerts on the latest sales. While there are several price trackers available, below we have listed the top 7 Price Trackers that will save your money.


Are you looking forward to saving your precious money on your very next visit to If yes, you should perhaps consider Camelizer. It’s a powerful website that precisely monitors and tracks prices for both the latest and existing items using easy-to-read charts. You can have a clear pricing track of a certain product in the last six months. 

In addition, you can also set an email alert as soon as the price drops. We must say that it’s a user-friendly option. All you have to do is figure out an item on Amazon, copy the URL in the address bar and paste it on the search bar in Camelizer. Further, you can download the Camelizer browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. In any way, you can find a comprehensive price history at your fingertips.


 It’s one of the best price tracker application that primarily focuses on determining the right time to purchase a specific product. Earny helps in keeping a track of your expenditure history and notify you as soon as you are eligible for price adjustment. Moreover, the application scans your email including Yahoo, Microsoft, and Gmail. 

It frequently keeps a search database of your online purchase and email store receipts. The app will immediately notify you as the price drops for the product you have already bought or intend to buy. Also, it tracks purchases that are covered under your credit card. Most popular covered retailers including Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot. If you are worried about the app access to your email account, you can always create another account that you can exclusively use for online purchases.


Do you invest a lot of time searching through the fancy department stores and find a bargain? If you are excited about searching for an ideal deal at mall stores, you would love to check out NITFI application.

The app has a searchable database of products from an extensive range of familiar retailers. Also, it comes with effective price tracking features such as alerts and simple charts. Overall, it’s a highly recommended price tracking app to get the job done perfectly.


CamelCamelCamel is certainly one of the popular ways to get exclusive discounts and track accurate prices on Amazon products. You can install the browser extension for Firefox and Chrome and get quick access to the premium site features.

The site also gives you the statistics of fluctuating prices. When you sign up for a free account, you can set up notifications to receive an instant email as the price for your preferred items get dropped. Besides, you can also see and evaluate the previous history and figure out the best time to strike. Are you ready?


Millions of people use the popular social media network Pinterest for many reasons. It tends to be very prevalent among people who are fond of shopping. There are several Pinterest pages full of home goods, curated fashion and much more. Well, buying your favorite stuff on the site would be relatively costly. 

You may be interested in earning some extra cash

Though the site makes it quite easy to start your Pinterest page of “wish list” items with a piece of the all-inclusive pricing information. As soon as you pin a post, you have added it to your list reduction in price and from here Pinterest will send you an email notification. Currently, this platform tracks a large number of popular retailers and sites such as Etsy and Urban Outfitters. 

Invisible Hand

Though Amazon has some of the best deals, they don’t essentially have the lowest price. The Invisible Hand browser for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox searches for discounts in real-time as you search for products. That way you can view the price on several sites at the same time. 

For instance, if you are searching on Walmart, you can see prices on Newegg, Amazon, Target and a lot more. The site will provide you with the base price, shipping charges, and applicable coupons that can surely save a great deal of money. Since it provides you searches in real-time, you need to be somewhat calm as the page loads.

Honey Browser

You can’t simply miss any coupons as soon as you install the Honey browser extension available for Opera, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The extension will automatically search and apply popular coupons and discount codes. It works with approximately 3700 shopping websites and allows you easily track price drops. 

When shopping on Ali Express, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Overstock, and QVC, you can quickly select products for your Honey Droplist. While adding items, you can choose the maximum price you are willing to pay and the duration you want to track the item. You will instantly receive an email when the price drops below to the price you have set.


Being able to monitor and track prices, you can significantly gain a competitive benefit. While prices consistently fluctuate, these price tracking applications and websites let you purchase items at the perfect deal and at the right time.

Above we have compiled the best price tracking applications and websites that can help you determine the best times to buy. In this way, you can save money regardless of how and where you like to shop by simply staying well-informed.

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