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How does programmatic video advertising work?

How does programmatic video advertising work?

Five or seven years ago the process of buy-sell ads was not so much complicated, but used to include many people and systems.

Global picture has changed when machine learning and data approach came to the stage. The whole practice is different now. Bots, on the ground of the data provided, perform all the job for advertisers and publisher. Computers interact with entities of their kind and do it successfully! Nowadays nearly 80% of video ads are programmatic.

Points why programmatic video advertising is worth using

Programmtic approach means that people will get only that ads that suit their interests or demands. How does this concept correspond to video ads?

  • Any specific audience can be covered
    TV and radio could offer only a particular time of broadcasting, while programmatic is based on user’s behaviour to find really interested audience and show their own “perfect” ad. The process of advertising is more effective here.
  • Several channels to cover at once
    In comparison with television, all the collected data is analyzed and the ads can meet their audience through different channels at once: mobile devices, desktops, tablets etc.
  • No problem if you have changed your plans
    All online campaigns are easy to launch, to make corrections (even when everything is on the go) and you don’t have to meet to any other people explaining why you did it and how you see future actions.
  • Clear and honest reports
    There is no place for guesses or predictions. Everything is calculated according to cold hard facts. At any moment you can track which strategy is winning for you and where to make corrections, if necessary.

Where to apply programmatic video

To work on brand awareness. It is a good tool not only for direct sales, but for making current and potential customers more loyal to the company.
Mobile advertising. Portative gadgets push out desktop computers, it would be unwise not to use an opportunity.
Implementing traditional TV. Programmatic is generally perceived as online advertising, however first attempts of partial ad selling was realized by ESPN already in 2015 in their sport show.

Nobody says that new approach has no problems, of course, it is not so. But it would be pretty unwise not to implement new technologies additionally to traditional ones. It may look like continue binding sticks to your feet in winter while everyone else have already bought skis.