Reddit link karma vs post karma how to increase them
Reddit link karma vs post karma how to increase them
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Reddit link karma vs post karma, how to increase them

We know there would be a question constantly raising in your mind of Reddit link karma vs post karma, how to increase them? Do you really consider this fact? Does it frustrate you of not getting enough of both of these? Then no need to panic about, we are here to help you in a lot more possible and easiest ways.

Today we are going to share with you all about the secrets of how we successfully increase our Reddit account link and as well as comment karma too, that will surely make a trusted and capable enough to further post in any of the popular Subreddit.

How to increase both Reddit link karma vs post karma?

So, if you really want to increase both features in your Reddit account, then you need to follow up with the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • At first, you need to create a new account on Reddit or even though, you can also sign up to your existing account, but make sure that the account isn’t shadow banned or such.
  • However, if you just make your new account, then you need to leave it just like that, no need for posting till the next 10 days, get your account to be matured itself.
  • After ten days, you will see that your account is now absolutely ready to further increase your Post karma, then you need to Sign up on and attain a Kitty picture. Same as shown in the image of this website:

Step 1:

What is and how to post on?

After you got the successful verification of the photo that you already posted on, then you will be ready to go and further publish it on IMGUR. However, always make sure to just get the short link of your IMGUR for the uploaded pic.

Then, you need to copy that short link and finally go to your Reddit account and post it right away in any of such subreddits including, Funny, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photos.

After doing all these, you will notice a huge increment in your past karma. Also, keep remembering this to never try to post any link until your post karma passes out a total of 100 upvotes.

Once it reaches the upvotes, you can easily share your personal blog links and etc. So, this is the easiest step for you which helps to increase your post karma vs link karma. Increasing both of them will surely provide you a lot of benefits in your blogging field.

Also, we would also show you a website from where you can even purchase or sell your Reddit accounts to easily get the best prices, you just need to build a good and well-maintained Reddit account and then publish the account at that website which we are going to mention you, then people will start to contact you for the price details.

Step 2: High Authority Reddit accounts?

Where to buy ready-made Reddit accounts?

If you want to save your time or effort, then you can even buy your ready-made Reddit accounts within an affordable price value, click the link and check out the website for Readymade Reddit Accounts:

Find more about Reddit karma:

Well, if you are new to the Reddit account, then you need to know this detail before continuing your Reddit posts. However, let’s start with the basic, so, Reddit karma is similar to a user’s score, calculating their volume of upvotes next to their downvotes.

Although, there would be some practical benefits for using this such as:

  • It may allow you to easily start your own subreddit, 
  • You can even join some exclusive communities, 
  • It can make a solid reputation.

Though, if you get a high karma score, it simply means that your posts and comments are going to be well-liked, and they are actually viewing as more of authority inside the community.

What happened when you get low karma?

Furthermore, in that case, if you are getting a low or negative karma score that it simply be considered that the user’s interactions might be upsetting people, and as well as, this low effect can usually point towards you as a bot, troll, or even a spammer.

So, this is quite important for you to reach the maximum scoring of link or post karma as soon as possible just in case to show yourself as a trusted user within the Reddit community. 

Also, you can follow this below a timely routine as well if you wanted to know Reddit link karma vs post karma, how to increase them…?

  1. Post Between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET on Sunday

    To increase both post or link karma, you need to get early. If you make a habit to post on a Sunday, Eastern Time (New York time zone) between the peak hours of 6 am to 8 am, then the chances are your posts will be seen by more people.

  2. Post and Comment at r/FreeKarma4U

    There are few subreddits available that are actually committed to providing each other karma, and the most famous one is r/FreeKarma4U. You can easily post anything onto here, and you will see that other members will automatically upvote it, with the implicit agreement that you will also upvote others’ posts too.

  3. Comment on the latest and rising posts

    One of the most significant barriers to perceiving karma is visibility. Therefore, you could have the most beneficial post or comment, but if that comment or post gets buried below any other content, then no one can see it.
    So, you need to make sure to comment on the latest and rising posts, and in return, you get more karma.

Final Verdict:

Reddit link karma vs post karma, how to increase them…? This is one of the most disturbing questions rising in bloggers especially. Hopefully, you got our points of increasing both post or link karma through our above-mentioned steps.

Now, try it on your own and don’t forget to share this information with your friends as well, so that they can also get higher karma on Reddit…

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