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Retargeting: A New Digital Marketing Trend

Today the means for advertising any product or services to different consumers has changed dramatically and it is continuously changing at a rapid pace. Every single Ad network and Digital Marketer is working intensely to make their brand stand out in the digital competitive market.
This ultimately increases the demand of the tools and instruments every second that helps them all to accelerate media advertising and enhancing brand awareness in the market. As we all know that Big Data is already penetrating in the digital marketing and will cause a huge difference in it, Programmatic technologies have already spreading widely in the big world of digital advertising and its aiming to increase the profitability and productivity of the ad buying with the help of fast, cheaper, accurate automated functionalities.
Programmatic technologies are addressed to prevent or overcome pitfalls, which can occur in digital marketer lifecycle. One of the biggest use of programmatic technology   is that it makes the ad purchasing more transparent and more cost effective. Programmatic solution that comes for desktop and mobile DSPs makes sure that the personalized messages in the real time.

What is Retargeting?

Advertisers and brand managers always try to make their ads more relevant to the users in order to provide a useful and meaningful user experience for the consumers. Nowadays marketers are shifting on retargeting so that they can increase their brand awareness and promote their brands that is why retargeting is getting essential and it can be seen that in future of digital marketing it will boom.
Retargeting is basically an innovative instrument for all the ad agencies, digital marketers and advertisers. It helps them to enhance their user targeting and reach the top level of conversions. Retargeting genuinely targets and focuses on those who have been familiar with your brand or on those people who have shown interest in your product or services. Retargeted ads are continuously displayed to the users after they leave your website. It has proved itself as a perfect and powerful tool to convert your bounced traffic into your potential consumers.

Working of Retargeting:

Retargeting is basically a cookie based technology along with a small piece of JavaScript code in built. It start working once a new visitor comes to your website and that piece of code will automatically drops an unnoticeable browser cookie so that a certain retargeting marketer get know that at what time these ads should be displayed to the user on the website. Retargeting ads follows the user wherever he goes on the internet, web pages, web devices or even on social media platforms. They will always remind the users of your products or services and it increases the chance of revisiting your website a lot.

  1. In a nutshell it can be sum up in 4 steps:
  2. The user
  3. The user will website your website from anywhere
  4. Your ad will be displayed at different websites that the user will visit
  5. The user will be back to you and conversion rate will be increased.


Benefits of using Retargeting:

  • Increases user awareness
  • Highly cost effective
  • Provide long term campaigns


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