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Rich Media Ads – The Best Amplifier For Your Business

Every marketer understands the fact that attracting audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign. However easy as it may sound, it’s not always easy to do. In an era when scope of marketing is changing dynamically, both in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies must create ways to attract customer to engage and get attracted with the content.

What Is Rich Media?

Rich Media is a kind of digitized content that takes traditional static content and images to a whole new level to offer more sophisticated and interactive view of content to the user. Rich Media allows marketers to create more complex and dynamic ads by incorporating technologies like HTML5, allowing a wide range of pre-built and customizable widgets like applets, animations, audio and videos. 

What Is Rich Text Media Ad?

A rich text media ad is a complex digital ad created by marketers in hopes of gaining more audience by using smart technical techniques like animations, audio and video streaming and adding digital layers to static content.  

Rich Text Media Ad Benefits

  • More Leads. The main advantage of incorporating rich text media ads in your marketing campaign is to gain more leads by being more visible and attractive to the target audience. 
  • Interactivity. Thanks to various widgets provided with HTML5 framework, your ad is more interactive and contains more space for additional information unlike traditional ads.
  • Data Collection. You can keep track of user engagement and interaction from your ads. Using techniques like Big Data analytics and Predictive analytics, you can observe existing drawbacks in your marketing campaign and forecast futuristic customer behavioral trends. 
  • Data Forecasting. Collecting data from different parameters like exits, video completions and expansions, marketers can forecast the success and ROI (Return On Investment) in their marketing campaigns. 
  • More Click-Through Rates: Being more visible and available to a wider audience means more click-through rates and hence improved performance.
  • Happier Customers. Thanks to the immersive experience, more customers are engaged with the brand and it leads to happier customers.
  • Scalability. Rich media ads allow you to create scalable media campaigns which goes parallel to your budget and requirements all the while providing you with an impactful online presence.  

The Importance Of Rich Text Media Content

There’s no doubt in the fact that content is the most important part of your website. Before we dive in more to it, let’s look at some statistics:

  • 44% B2B marketers agree that better content has a positive impact on Search Engine Optimization.
  • 27 Million pieces of online content is shared on a regular basis.
  • 50% of digital marketers agree that Web content is “Very Effective” for SEO.
  • 76% of digital marketers with impactful SEO campaigns running invest in content creation.
  • 60% messages related to content sharing for a specific industry mention brand by name.
  • 1 in 5 social media messages contain links to content.
  • Marketers are investing an average USD12.5 Billion in online content.
  • 52% of consumers agree that blogs are impactful in purchase decisions.
  • 57% of marketers acquired new clients for their businesses through blogs.
  • 42% consumers rely on blog posts and reviews about their desired purchases.
  • 61% of consumers are more likely to buy products from brands that offer personalized content.
  • 19% buyers who purchased from blog posts say that they stumbled upon it via search.

Types Of Rich Text Media Ads

Having a wide domain, rich text media ads can be categorized into many types, but in general there are three types of rich media ads.

  1. In-Page Ads. This type of rich text media ads that appear generally in the form of a rectangular form inside the page.
  2. Out-Of-Page Ads. These are rich text media banners with an ability to move, pop-up, float and expand across a dynamic webpage.
  3. Video Ads. These are video streams that contain all the marketing stuff. This is done using applets and HTML 5 animations and have been recognized by Adform’s Quarterly Media Barometer to have the most impactful spike in advertising.

The final Verdict

  • An effective design is sure to strengthen your message. Rich text media ads take customer interaction to your website to a whole new level by providing them an engaging experience that was never possible before.
  • Marketers using rich text media ads in their marketing campaign are more likely to be seen as an expert in their industry and have more chances of vendors connecting and conducting business with them. Marketers are more likely to build more trusted communication lines with the client and establish more credibility in the process. 
  • Rich text media ads allow you to be more visible online and more approachable from a wider audience. Pair your ads with the power of Big data analytics and Predictive analytics and you can open doors to opportunity to gather more insights into how consumers perceive your brand and how your future marketing campaigns should be carried out. 


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