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What is Social Media Marketing?

Each company is constantly searching for customers and consumers. They should be in the spotlight, and nowadays social media marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to promote businesses on any kinds.

Your potential consumers are already using different social platforms, and for being successful, it is deadly important to set up a contact with them with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

What is SMM?

SMM (or Social Media Marketing) is a kind of internet marketing, based on promoting content using social networks. It concerns not only texts and articles, but also various kinds of visual content, including videos and images.

We are going to introduce you some recommendations on how to invest in Social Media Marketing for businesses successfully to increase sales and audience.

Work out your own plan

The first, and the main step of any strategy, is setting goals. You should have a detailed image of the desired results in mind, and make a plan to turn this image into reality. As the saying goes, to attract customers you must think like customers. Ask yourself:

  • What are your potential customers usually looking for?
  • What information do you want them to find out about your company?
  • How each social network help them?
  • How can you convince them to share and repost the information?

If you can easily answer, we can go to the second step.

What Social Media Marketing Websites Can Be Useful?

Before discussing the most popular and widespread social platforms, let us make it clear how exactly they can help. No need to say that almost everyone has an account in a social network.

If you think that people use social networks only to communicate – you are wrong! Many people are using it to purchase something or to find some information about products presented.

In addition to this, customers are happy to recommend the products they liked to their friends, which will make your business grow faster and faster even without your help. So, let’s see top 7 Social Media Marketing websites and decide which one suits you better.

1. Facebook

Of course, we start our list with the biggest and the most popular social network with 2 billion active users per month. Using this website lets you not only to make people know your brand, but also find your target audience due to the possibility of sorting people by gender, age, interests, status, etc. In addition to this, its advertising platform is developed more than enough to help you find customers in the shortest period.

2. Instagram

We must start with the fact that Instagram and Facebook have the same owners, which means the number of users does not differ a lot. However, this platform has its own benefits for web and social media marketing. The main advantage is the possibility to develop a profile free and find followers without any payments for advertising. Moreover, it is a network with mostly visual content, which allows you to post images and videos so that your company can become reliable and recognizable.

3. Facebook Messenger

Even though Facebook and its Messenger are the same platform, they are downloaded separately and have some specific features. We can consider them as two different products with similar advantages. Facebook Messenger will definitely help you to contact your customers and provoke the conversation.

4. YouTube

No need to say that the number of users is impressive. Of course, visual content is a great advantage, but not the only one. YouTube is owned and guided by Google, and you can use its advertising platform to achieve your business objectives.

5. Pinterest

This platform is a necessity for you if your customers are mostly females or creative people. About 90% of users purchase something there. In addition, posts are determined by keywords, so you can just find out what exactly the visitors are searching for and turn it into your own advantage.

6. Twitter

This platform has about 300 million active users per month, and it can be very beneficial if you use the power of hashtags properly!

7. Snapchat

Snapchat has the advantages as any visual network, but it can be a good choice if you potential audience is youth under 34 years old.

In addition to these most popular social networks, we can name Google Plus, LinkedIn and Yelp.

After choosing the most suitable Social Media Marketing websites, your next step is to choose a professional team to help you!

Top Social Media Marketing Companies

  • Disruptive Advertising
  • eBoost Consulting
  • LYFE Marketing
  • Bad Rhino Inc.
  • Boostability
  • SociallyIn
  • Social Media 55
  • Sculpt
  • Abacus

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