Top Netflix Competitors Apps
Top Netflix Competitors Apps
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Top Netflix competitors

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an application that provides streaming services to its customers by allowing them to watch a large variety of blockbuster shows, documentaries, movies and much more through a wide number of devices having internet connection. The viewers can watch and enjoy limitless content without watching commercials.

The customers of Netflix are offered by three primary pricing plans;

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium


It is the cheapest plan with limited features. The customers pay $8.77 monthly and have one screen at a time, it has the resolution of standard definition (SD) like that old pre-HD type. This package is suitable for a single account user.


It is costly than the basic plan and has some features and costs $12.99 monthly. This package enables two screens at a time for customers to watch. The resolution is of high definition.


It is the most costly streaming plan with a price policy of $15.99 for a month. It has more features than that of basic and standard plans, it enables the customers with four screens at a time. The programming of videos is in high definition (HD) or 4k Ultra HD. This package is useful for a large family. 

Netflix gives its customers a chance to go through the app without having to pay the price through the offer of Free Trial. Customers are given a 30-days free trial in which they can properly use the app with any of the above three pricing plans freely. This free trial can be canceled any time within the 30-days duration. The duration and availability of the free trial vary from region to region.

Top Netflix competitors Apps

Though Netflix is doing great in the field of entertainment, it is faced by some strong competitors and some indirect competition. Here is the list;
Direct competitors  
The competitors that have a direct rivalry with Netflix for their survival and maximum market shares are these;

  • Amazon prime
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • DirecTV
  • Sony PlayStation Vue
  • HBO Now
  • Sling TV
  • Hotstar

Indirect competitions

  • Television channels
  • Cinemas
  • Piracy

#1 Amazon prime

Amazon prime is an online business strategy through which it provides its customers with the offer of on-demand video services. Introduced in 2006, amazon not only just provide the opportunity to watch videos online but also to rent and even purchasing of TV shows and movies.

It provides its customers with unique services like that of the deal of licensing with HBO.
Amazon is being faced by tough competition from the beginning and it is still facing it as new sites continuously emerging in the market, yet it stands steadfast against all the odds.

Amazon has spread its operations to almost two hundred countries in 2016. While in 2017, amazon entered the market of sports by showing NFL games in the 2017 season deals.
Amazon’s worth is quite understood in the market of E-commerce. Apart from Netflix, it has also a strong competition with the companies of Google and Apple.

#2 Hulu

Hulu offers the service of subscription of on-demand videos. It has done business with many entertainment services like Time Warner, 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney and some others. The services of Hulu are divided into two types: free service, which provides free but limited content and paid service, which provide a wide variety of paid content.
Hulu has provided some services among them are TV production and Web syndication.

#3 YouTube

YouTube is a widely recognized site of video-sharing where the users upload and share videos for other users to view it. It is a type of platform, which was founded in 2005. In 2016 it became the websites with most visitors. It is considered one of the most common competitors of Netflix.

#4 DirecTV

DTV provides services of direct broadcast through audio services and digital satellite. Its services are only for the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

#5 Sony PlayStation

It is owned by Sony and is an important online service. Its main two services are live TV shows and sporting events. Afterward, its introduction is continuously increasing its market.
The estimation of 400,000 subscribers was noticed in 2017.

#6 HBO Now

It is owned by the HBO network. It was established in October of 2014 and in New York it has headquarters. This HBO network actually established to deliver content such as films, and other original content on many technological devices i.e. tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

This service gained many good rankings since it’s launched at 2.4 million followers in 2017. Firstly this service was only enjoyed by the subscribers of America and restricted to the subscribers that were outside of America.

But now HBO offered many of its catalog of films and many series and joined hands with content partners including Warner Bros, Pictures, Universal Pictures, Time Warner and 20th Century Fox. 

#7 Sling TV

Sling TV is an American TV service owned by Dish Network. It is actually an OTT which stands for over-the-top. It has its headquarters in Colorado. It has its wide development and launching in 2015. It has the purpose to offer the service by Video-on-demand. In 2017 it gained almost 2 million subscribers.

After time to time, its quality gets better and better and it starts to gain more and more subscribers it offers subscribers of multi-streaming service which allow subscribers to get more than one stream by using one subscription account. There are many gadgets that permit to support the sling TV including Nexus player, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and many other.

#8 Hot star

it is launched in 2015. A type of digital platform and mobile entertainment. It is developed by Star India. It allows its subscribers to get video on demands and service of media streaming.

The Hot Star gives service of ease to its subscribers by offering 8 languages including English and Hindi. It has a large headquarter in Mumbai, India. It has many views during the ICC cricket championship.

Indirect Netflix Competition:

  • Television Channels:

TV channels are actually different frequencies over which many programs are broadcasted. They are in line with the competition with the media during the election season. Most of the channels that are in the high ranking are CNN and Fox news. They gained more ranking during prime time.  They providing the favor of Netflix and Amazon for getting money.

  • Cinemas:

it is actually a digital technology that projects for directing a motion picture. The motion picture is directed through either by the web or by the satellite links. The well-developed known cinema is IMAX which maintained its ranking in the industry. 98% of cinemas in the world are actually digitized.

  • Piracy:

The least indirect competitor is piracy which is illegal and unauthorized. It is not an authentic way and it is a punishable act by law. Although many programs are developed to assess piracy like watchdogs and safeguards mechanism. There are many links that have pirated version of many entertainment i.e. movies and videos and gained much profit through this that’s why they become also a competitor of Netflix.

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