Top YouTube Competitor 2019
Top YouTube Competitor 2019
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Top YouTube Competitor 2019

There are other more fine competitors of Youtube like DailyMotion, Vimeo,, The Internet Archive, 9GagTv, Veoh etc. All of these are providing video streaming with their own unique feature and sharing the traffic of Youtube.

With all these highly rated websites, Youtube has still maintained its standard high and deeply uprooted in the user’s mind. The first thing comes in mind after hearing video sharing is Youtube.
Due to its download and watch later feature, its reputation goes out of the sky.

With hundreds of its competitors, it still remains at No1. When something is going out of the sky and earns a big pocket, same with the case of YouTube people try to compete by cloning it with a slight innovation to spice it up. So, with the passage of time YouTube met its big competitors and until 2019, people switched to another platform with ease and to witness new development.

Every year we got a better and updated version of it and providing millions of channels and users yearly.

We can get each and every information on it by just using some of the keywords in the search bar. It provides the best possible videos within seconds to meet the user’s requirements.

YouTube has become the world number 1 earning source with not only by the channels subscription and video streaming but also got a step high by the advertisements. Any user can make his/her channel and share unlimited videos and music and do advertising. Post your videos and ads and, damn you are getting paid.

Comparison of Youtube Competitors:

There are many competitors of YouTube that show up in the market in a glimpse of time. The most popular and best one is The second most competitor is Vimeo is the ad-free platform for video streaming and sharing.


The third most significant competitor on the 2019 board is Metacafe also known as a legacy website. It is popular and most used before people switching to Youtube after its development. Short-form video entertainment is the specialty of this website as it provides the content for the entertainment categories like movies, seasons, shows, etc.

Mostly it is used by 18+ people as without its family filter feature it shows show of the inappropriate contents that are not suitable and recommended for kids.
But overall features of this website is the big challenge to Youtube as the grand competitor as it has more than 45 million different users yearly.


The fourth most using site that came in the ring to face YouTube is It also provides hosting to users for video streaming. Three major record companies have created a joint-venture. But due to some reason, Vevo shut down and distribute itself through Youtube.


The next in the list is having the same video-streaming features. The uniqueness of Youtube is that it hosts streams for charity purposes. The attractive thing about it is that it doesn’t allow the users to stream adult games even if they are highly has banned those games that are not suitable for kids as well as adults. 

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Market Standard:

YouTube shares the maximum revenue in the overall entertainment market. It has become one of the best standards for video sharing and has got many partners for the content and advertisement.

NETFLIX has come to market to take his share but YouTube has managed to make a big place, due to its popularity and availability and maximum features in websites. Youtube has always become the first in the scoreboard in the entertainment market.

The stakeholders prefer to give their content on Youtube as compared to another platform due to its perfect and suitable premium packages and free services. Most of the traffic of the internet is jammed and grasp by the Youtube website and earn billion dollars of cash. Thus become an international preferred website.

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