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OMISMEDIA – Performance Based Marketing

Types of Marketing Platforms

Types of Marketing Platforms

There are so many types of marketing platforms that depending on the kind of your campaign you can choose a suitable way to promote it.
In the era of digitalization all business sectors try to maintain relationships with loyal customers and look for new ones via digital means. Among them advertising:
• on social media;
• cross-channel;
• video;
• demand site platform.
Let’s talk about the most efficient ones.

Display advertising platform

Nowadays it is one of the most effective digital platform for advertising. You need two things:
• do researches of your products and targeted audience profile;
• find websites with good traffic that can present the product or service to a large audience.
So display advertisements are any visual or even audial ads from voice massages, videos to classical banners. It is advised not to give preference to communication based on texts. Picturesque images, remarkable videos will speak on the brand’s behalf more eloquent. Remember that not any site with heavy traffic is a perfect platform. It is better to choose not so popular one, but with identical or close to your campaign theme. There are more chances that audience group will find your proposal interesting.
As example of ecommerce marketing platform

Definition of mobile platform

Brands need simple, effective and transparent mobile advertising solutions. That is why mobile advertising platforms can be useful in promoting services and products.
Just imagine that 39% of people the first thing that do in the morning is taking their mobile gadgets. They do not leave devices even when they are in a bathroom. 64% of users actively use mobiles on public transport. 74% do not part devices while purchasing, lunch, dinner, work. Even sitting in front of a TV 86% of people use mobile devices. 54% of users do not part with the smartphone, lying in bed after waking up, before going to bed and several times during the night.
These data show that it is profitable to place targeted ads on the leading sites of the mobile Internet, and easy to monetize mobile traffic.
If we have to give definition to a mobile platform, we would say that it is a set of special tools, soft- and hardware environment for portable devices. So the only thing your team is to pay attention to is such things whether:
• the product’s ads are optimized for mobiles;
• their size fits all hand-held devices’ screens.

Marketplace software platforms

Suck platforms are to help companies to create their own marketplace online.
Marketplace software platforms are an integrated approach to sales management through the site. It is the latest tool in e-commerce advertising and marketing. This platform has the following advantages:
• increase conversion from visitors to buyers;
• reducing the number of non-targeted traffic;
• attracting targeted traffic;
• evaluating your own traffic channels;
• reduced total costs;
• the ability to analyze the results of marketing campaigns;
• increase in site conversion;
• increase in profits from sales.