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Video advertising

How it all started

Every person can confess that he or she is in habbit to stick to videos on YouTube or watching new serials of a favourite sitcom. Since 2012 time we spend watching video has doubled and it is growing.
People like videos and advertisers have decided to play on it. The company, its products or services can be advertised with the help of video – that is the sense of video ads. This strategy can and should be combined with other necessary approaches to gain higher results.

Aims of video advertising:

  • sales increasing:
  • promotion of brand or service:
  • brand an image awareness.

Advantages of videos

Video content is the most preferable means of receiving information for users, thus, ads wrapped in video will have better chances than other ad forms. People are more likely to make a conversion after watching a video, it gives them a slight understanding how your services or products work. You may desire to obtain a thing more when have a vivid application of it.

Where to use videos?

Actually, there is no strict restriction where video can be inserted. The most suitable place – a video player with a playing content. However, this type of ad is successfully used in games, between paragraphs of an article and so on.

Types of ads

  • Linear ads (pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls). Normally video lasts not more than 30 seconds and depending on platform type they can or can’t be skipped.
  • Non-linear. They start playing when main video player is turned on and can cover a part or the whole video content. There is no problem to skip them in a few seconds after launching.

Pricing models

The price of each ad is calculated by CPM or CPV models. Nowadays advertisers and marketers are searching a pricing model where payment should be made when a video was watched till the end, or user has interacted with it.
Some more information about video ads
Video advertising is the second popular channel after social networks. The number of mobile devices is expected to grow, thus, the number of views on all platforms will increase.
However, video ads are not so cheap to create. This seeming simplicity of being filmed on a mobile phone can hide great budgets and work. Use video ads when you have more or less built up a brand of your company and know how to show your uniqueness in comparison with rivals.

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