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Web Analytics in Digital Marketing

Of course, making a website is a huge part of work on the way to success. But do you think that all you need is to make it and forget about it? Well, then you have something to think about.

What is Web Analytics in Digital Marketing?

We can describe Web Analytics as the analysis of the data in order to optimize and improve web usage. In other words, the aim of web analytics is to understand the activities and behavior of the users on a website. The analysis of these indicators helps us understand whether a website meets the requirements and its goals.

Previously internet data were saved as log files. Later they have turned into search engine “spiders” that scanned websites. Then Javascript tags appeared, and the process of analyzing the activity on a website became easier. Now we have Goggle Analytics, which is the basis of analysis today.

Why do We Need Google Analytics?

As we have already mentioned, it is extremely important to understand your users in order to make a website better. Google analytics gives us such opportunities as viewing key metrics, top content, top traffic sources and so on. The process of monitoring digital channels can help you optimize your website and make it more beneficial.

Web Analytic Tools

There are many interesting tools, but some of them are used specifically to measure how well a website is performing. Obviously, you should always focus on users, and some techniques such as authenticated user, user agent or just IP addresses will help you. However, the most convenient tool is Cookies. This technique saves packets of data on hard discs of users as soon as they come across a website.

How to View Web Metrics

The most important part is not getting the information, but analyzing it properly. Here some things to keep in mind:

1. Think about people.
It takes a lot of time, but it is a necessity to understand what your visitors are searching for and why they drop-off. You should not just count visits, but explore where they came from, what content they are mostly checking.

2. Optimize
We live in the era where people are constantly using not only desktops. It will be a great advantage for you to widen the possibilities for other devices.

3. Segment
Don’t focus on page views only. Downloads, videos and rich media are also should be taken into consideration.

4. Focus on returns
To maximize returns, you need to gather, report and analyze the information. Pay much attention to the priorities and develop a “roadmap” for visitors.

Digital Marketing and Web Analytics

Web analytics gives you a full picture about your website, but usually it is not enough to understand how successful marketing campaigns are. You need much more to find out what turns visitors into customers. And there digital marketing analytics can help you.

Digital marketing analytics measures not only time on site, page views and load speed, but also explores sales, leads and events that force people to become customers. It is a complex analysis of your website, email, PR campaigns and social media. In other words, web analytics is focused on visitors while digital marketing analytics is focused on the whole company.

Even though it sounds easy, it is rather complicated to make a plan come true. Here are some questions to think about while performing digital analytics:

What are your business objectives?

What are the goals for each objective?

How to find out the key performance indicators?

What are the most valuable segments for analysis?

Overall, only complex analysis will make sense and bring the right development to your marketing campaigns.

Digital Analytics and Your Business

As you can see, you are free to pick up all the necessary information to improve your sales and make your business profitable and successful. But is just having the data enough? Obviously, no. Analytics becomes useful if you know how to deal with the information it gives, how to optimize your performance according to the data.

The main thing is to rely not only on your web analytics, but also on the evidence of digital marketing analytics. That is why you need a strong and professional team to achieve the goals.

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