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Probably, you have already heard about web content marketing. Even though this notion is a new one in digital sphere, it becomes more and more important. Why? What is the role of web content marketing? Let’s make it clear.

What is website content marketing?

It’s not a secret that content is the most important element not only for visitors, but for Google as well. Google is ranking websites according to the value of the content, which determines the importance of the information presented on a website. If we speak about visitors, they are searching for reliable and authoritative data and compelling information. Content is the only element that can make visitors stay on your site longer, click links, go deeper and, eventually, make purchases.

In general, content marketing can be defined as a set of strategies to distribute reliable, valuable and relevant information in order to make one’s business profitable.

The aim of web content marketing is to build close relationship with your customers with the help of useful and valuable content. Unlike simple advertising, this strategy convinces customers that you care about them, and that is exactly what they want to know.

In addition, content is the basic element for all marketing strategies. You need web content marketing strategy to develop your social media marketing, PR, inbound marketing and SEO. It is also impossible to provide links and create relationships with other authoritative websites if your content is not qualitative enough. Overall, a proper content strategy is a tool to gain the audience and build a loyalty to your company, not just to sell a product.

10 key elements for successful web content marketing strategies

To achieve your business goals, you need to keep in mind some things:

1. Teamwork is important
You should understand that content is not just a set of expressions and words; it is a complex notion which includes copywriting, SEO, information architecture, marketing and even design. If the whole team works together, your company will definitely meet the objectives.

2. Study the literacy level of your target audience
It will be a great advantage for you if content is clear and understandable for people of any literacy level.

3. Think about people component
Of course, content is extremely important, but people who create this content are important even more. You should keep an eye on a working process, control the resources and tools. Don’t forget about the structure and the substance of the content.

4. The strategy of 5 W
This strategy is widely used in journalism, but it can be easily adapted to our content strategy. The essence of this strategy is rather simple. You have to be ready to answer all the questions: What (message), When (time period), Who (audience), Where (location), Why (aims), How (method). This applies to both you and your audience: you should set objectives properly while your customers just want to see “full picture” and get answers.

5. Create your own tone
Your audience will appreciate you much more if you have your own style and tone. Find out the interests of your audience and make your company special for them: add some jokes, specific data and visual content.

6. Don’t forget about SEO
Google is always watching you, so try to use effective SEO tactics and optimize your text properly.

7. Web standards matter
You should keep in mind that nowadays there are many desktop and mobile browsers, and your developers are to make content suitable for all of them.

8. Add metadata
As a team, your programmers can help you become more recognizable for search engines. Metadata is a great way to climb higher in search results.

9. Divide your content
Break all the information into small blocks to make it flexible and suitable for different devices.

10. Let visitors write content with you
Obviously, visitors’ content is a great part of any website. To make a close relationship with the audience, you should let them take part into creating of the content. Also, pay attention to their comments and stories.

As you can see, your job is to think about details a lot. Only complex development of all the spheres will make sense.

How can we help you?

Our company is ready to support our clients on this way. We offer:

  • Creating content
  • Optimization of the content
  • Keeping blogs
  • Writing articles
  • Email marketing
  • Creating of imagery
  • Video content
  • Press releases… and more

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