What Snapchat emoji means
What Snapchat emoji means
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What Every Snapchat Symbol Means

Are you a frequent Snapchat user? If yes, you will perhaps know that one can express a lot on this social networking application. From capturing short videos and images to adding captions and interesting filters, it’s an all-in-one networking platform.

Also, by default, snaps are deleted after 24 hours. These conversations are more spontaneous in comparison to other social networks. Though it’s not as simple as you may assume.

It’s a matter of few clicks, but remember emoji and symbols are not very straightforward. If you are unsure about all those symbols you would love to use, we are here to help you with what every Snapchat symbol means.

13 Snapchat Emoji That Depends upon Devices

The emoji showing up next to your friends’ names say something very specific about the relationship. In total, there are 13 Snapchat emoji that primarily depend on the operating system that you would be using from your gadget. Let’s get started:

1- Baby Face Emoji 👶

You will frequently see this Snapchat emoji on your friends’ list if you have recently added someone to your list. If you have just started using Snapchat, you should definitely expect this emoji.

2- Smile Emoji 😊

This Snapchat emoji shows that the user is one of your best friends. That means you are interacting with them more often and therefore you should expect multiple smile emoji on your friends’ list.

3- Grimace Emoji 😬

The grimace emoji means you can share one of your best friends with another friend and interact with them more often.

4- Sunglasses Emoji 😎

This emoji indicates that you can share a very good friend with this person. A close friend is someone who you send snaps frequently, though not more than a best friend. 

5- Smirk Emoji 😏

If you find this emoji, it means you are someone’s best friend, but they aren’t best friends with you. Basically, this Snapchat emoji means that this person mostly interacts with you. However, they aren’t someone with whom you interact the most.

6- Gold Heart Emoji 💛

Cheers! You are best friends with each other. It means you have sent and received most snaps from one another. Snapchat heart emoji are exclusively for your best friends and it mainly depends on the number of messages you sent back and forth.

7- Red Heart Emoji ❤️

You have been number one best friend for two weeks – great work. Though it’s challenging to keep up that streak.

8- Pink Hearts Emoji 💕

Wow – You have been number one best friend for two months. If you see this emoji, you perhaps deserve a pat on the back. 

9- Fire Emoji 🔥

As you see the fire emoji on your friends’ list, it means you are on a Snapstreak with that friend. A Snapstreak comes about when you and your friend send and receive snaps to one another for at least three days consistently.

You will also see a number next to the flame emoji which shows the total number of days that your Snapstreak has been running for. Remember a chat message won’t let you continue your Snapstreak and therefore you need to send a snap to keep those flames.

10- 100 Emoji 💯

If you are seeing a 100 emoji on your Snapchat friends list, it’s time to take a screenshot. You have been running a Snapstreak with that friend for 100 days in a go. Woo! 

11- Hourglass Emoji

The Snapstreak is about to end. It indicates that your Snapstreak will end very soon with this person. If you want to keep the fire emoji, you need to quickly send a snap.  As we have already mentioned above, chats won’t allow you to keep a Snapstreak going, so make sure to use a selfie camera instead.

12- Sparkle Emoji

Lately, the Snapchat release group option lets you send snaps and chat with different users. The emoji shows that you are in a group with that user.

13- Birthday Cake Emoji 🎂

If you scroll down your friends’ list and you find this emoji, yay it’s their birthday! The emoji will appear on the date they have entered so feel free to send them a nice birthday wish.

Are you not interested in default emoji? The good news is you can modify most of them. To edit your friend emoji, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the profile icon in the topmost left to open your profile 
  • Click on the list icon in the top right to open settings 
  • Scroll down and choose to manage under additional services 
  • Click on every friend status to select a custom emoji 

Snapchat Symbols Next to Snaps: 

The selection of colored triangle, circle and square icons next to snaps may confuse you. Remember these provide some information that you should probably know to help you with the status of your snaps. 


RedSnapchat without audio
BlueChat message sent 
PurpleSnapchat with audio
Green OutlineYour friend has received the cash you sent through a snap
Purple OutlineYour friend has seen your snap with audio
Red OutlineYour friend has seen your snap without audio
Blue Outline Your friend has read your chat message
Red Double Triangle Your friend captured a screenshot of the snap you sent them without audio
Purple Double TriangleYour friend captured a screenshot of the snap you sent them with audio
Blue Double TriangleYour friend captured a screenshot of the chat message you sent them


Red Snap without audio 
Purple Snap with audio
Blue Chat  Box Snapchat message received 
Purple OutlineViewed Snapchat with audio 
Red Outline Viewed Snapchat without audio 
Blue Chatbox Outline Seen a chat message 

Replay Circle

Red Your friend has viewed the snap again you sent without audio
Purple Your friend has viewed the snap again you sent with audio

Snapchat emoji are certain a unique feature that tracks the way you and your Snapchat friends interact with one another. These emoji appear next to the user on Snapchat’s friends that can be influenced by the frequency and duration you spend with your friends. Isn’t it exciting? Let’s get started with Snapchatting! 

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